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don't constantly sacrifice your hapiness for others can help you improve your self esteem


Date : March 30, 2015Comments : 0

Ideas for picking yourself up when you have a down day

Hi everyone, this is John the founder and the person who seems like he has healed completely from his mental health problems of the past and most of the time I feel relatively normal but sometimes I do have my down days and I begin to feel depressed and heavy hearted. I start seeing the negative aspects of my life becoming to the forefront of my mind, I feel myself feeling heavier in my sofa and I think of the future with not much hope of achieving what I dream of of being a normal life. When I feel like this I need to snap myself out of it and I have succeeded in this many times and want to share my strategy with you. In this blog post I discuss several ways to help pull yourself out of the black hole before you sink too deep. Continue reading “Ideas for picking yourself up when you have a down day”

9 Signs that you are in an unhealthy relationship

Whether you are male or female, having a good relationship is something that many of us strive for. Someone who understands us, to share experiences with, enjoy fun times and have lots of romantic getaways and experiences with but like all things in life, nothing is ‘perfect’ all the time and if you ignore the warning signs expecting things to get better then they can, in fact, get a whole lot worse! In this blog post we discuss 9 signs that a relationship may be jeopardising your mental and emotional health. Continue reading “9 Signs that you are in an unhealthy relationship”


Date : March 27, 2015Comments : 0

9 reasons you shouldn’t compare your life to others

When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you.

Lao Tzu

We are all victims of it, we look at other people’s Facebook account and see how happy they are, all the nice holidays they have, the new car, the new house, a brand new baby, the latest gadget and more. It is hard not to become envious as you look at people you deem you feel are doing better than you as you strive for your own comfort and idea of a perfect life but there are many things you must consider when you start feeling that your life isn’t as good as someone elses and in this blog post I will discuss reasons why it is important not to compare your life to others. Continue reading “9 reasons you shouldn’t compare your life to others”

Battle of Mind Founder’s reaction to German Plane Crash

Firstly, let me send my thoughts and condolences to the families affected by this tragic event, it’s a terrible thing to lose a loved one and particularly in a tragic way. What is disappointing about the whole coverage of this event is how they are trying to expose the fact he had severe depression which led him to taking his life amongst many others. Continue reading “Battle of Mind Founder’s reaction to German Plane Crash”