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dont big yourself up too much

Depression,Life Experience

Date : March 21, 2015Comments : 0

A personal experience of the NHS mental health dep and the current UK government

Please note, this is a personal experience and may not be how your experience will be. Things are changing so please see this blog post only as a personal experience to the founder, a GP may get you the correct support you need.

I felt it is important to understand that one reason I set up this website was because the support and help I received from the UK state both in health and welfare was beyond diabolical in my personal opinion and I am going to discuss exactly what I experienced as I reached levels of severe depression and at high risk of suicide in the hope that it can help others realise they are not alone and that there are strategies to heal yourself if you too experience a difficult situation. Continue reading “A personal experience of the NHS mental health dep and the current UK government”

a pic of a footballer to represent setting goals to overcome fear of change


Date : March 18, 2015Comments : 1

The importance of goal setting for depression

When depressed as we all know it is very very hard to find the energy, will or wanting to do any task whatsoever. Simply getting up and taking a shower can seem like climbing the largest mountain and a massive effort for those with severe depression. In this post I discuss why goal setting is so important and what to consider when setting your own targets. Continue reading “The importance of goal setting for depression”