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your wrong doer may not forgiveness because of their own problems


Date : March 17, 2015Comments : 0

How to deal with work place bullying

We all need to have a profession, it doesn’t matter where you come from a profession affords you a certain standard of living and gives you a sense of purpose in life too. Unfortunately, there are sometimes people you will come across who for whatever reason, have decided to make your life more difficult and challenging by mistreating you. Continue reading “How to deal with work place bullying”

dogs can help with depression

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Date : March 16, 2015Comments : 0

5 Reasons why a dog can help improve your mood

When I was in the midst of my personal struggle and journey it was at the time that my family decided to buy a dog for my younger sister Alice. She had been nagging them for so long for one, 6 years in fact when finally my father gave in and bought a beautiful little Westland Terrier from the rural location of Wales. Continue reading “5 Reasons why a dog can help improve your mood”

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Date : March 13, 2015Comments : 0

Effect of cruel words and hurtful actions depicted by artistic mastery

The effect of cruel words on the mental welfare of people can be so painful and debilitating to the sufferer not only for the moment in time they feel hurt but the effect of words and mockery continues to effect them as they progress through life. Continue reading “Effect of cruel words and hurtful actions depicted by artistic mastery”

Music Headphones


Date : March 12, 2015Comments : 0

Top 10 songs that helped motivate positive change

Music, just like the other arts are driven by emotion and can be great in making us feel different about a situation or thought we are having that are affecting our overall wellbeing. It is very important the music you allow into your mind is not negative or making you feel a negative emotion such as regret, sadness, or loss as it will only reinforce the way you are already feeling. Continue reading “Top 10 songs that helped motivate positive change”

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Date : March 11, 2015Comments : 0

How do we make more men talk about their feelings?

Men, those who struggle with expressing their feelings openly for fear of ridicule, appearing weak, their sexuality being brought into question or seen as a moaner. How do we break these stereotypes and show that the only true strong people are not the ones who keep quiet and keep their problems to themselves but the ones that speak out are the ones who are strong by acknowledging something isn’t right? Continue reading “How do we make more men talk about their feelings?”