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Date : March 2, 2015Comments : 2

Soul Tree Painting Concept by JA Wilson

One evening when I was fast asleep in bed dreaming whatever it is we creative types dream I disturbed my then, partners sleep by sitting bolt upright in bed and saying “1000 year old tree” and then laying back down in bed again, unaware that I had said anything at all, my partner was obviously quite freaked out ( as you would be ) and made me aware of what I had said in the night to which I just chuckled. I felt I had to find this tree and visit it at some time in the future. Continue reading “Soul Tree Painting Concept by JA Wilson”


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“Now we are free” – Gladiator inspiration & motivation

The film Gladiator with Russell Crowe is about a fictional successful commander of a Roman legion who was about to be given high honour of being able to lead Rome but due to the jealousy of the emperors son ended up loosing everything he had worked so hard to achieve and be turned into a slave, had his family destroyed and his honour, humiliated. Continue reading ““Now we are free” – Gladiator inspiration & motivation”


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Gladiator mindset and inspiration to overcome pain and adversity

The pain that comes with being depressed, anxious or just constant negative feelings can be debilitating and freeze you in place in fear of moving forward as you may have to face the pain you have faced day after day but it is in precisely this time of facing your fears and feeling the pain and using it drive you that you will actually begin to heal and change your life around. Continue reading “Gladiator mindset and inspiration to overcome pain and adversity”

hamish the negative thinking goblin

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Negative Thinking and Hamish the Goblin

Hamish is a 2ft 6 inch tall goblin that wears a funky raster hat and boots that are way too big for him because he wants to be seen to be bigger than he actually is. He has green skin with furry ears and teeth that are much too big for his head, with a constant look of depression on his face he knows what it is like to carry lots of negative thoughts around on your head because that is exactly what he does! Continue reading “Negative Thinking and Hamish the Goblin”

depressed anxious and not wanting to be a part of the world


Date : March 1, 2015Comments : 0

Suicidal Thoughts ? Reaching the end? No! It can be the beginning of a new start


It is well documented that Stephen Fry talked about how he has regular suicidal thoughts as part of his bipolar condition.

A person with a high profile suffering with bipolar disorder for a long period of time. I too have suffered with suicidal thinking three times in my life due to circumstances that where totally out of my control. In this post I will discuss my experience and hope to help you realize things can improve. Continue reading “Suicidal Thoughts ? Reaching the end? No! It can be the beginning of a new start”