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Date : April 1, 2015Comments : 0

Becoming your own hero in your battle of mental health

When you have a bad mental breakdown it is without doubt the lowest point you can reach in life. You need help and support to help you begin your difficult journey from utter turmoil to at the very least, functioning properly again. Everything is ten times as hard as it once was, so you begin to rely on those who care for you even more and sometimes, you can even unfortunately, become comfortable with being looked after.

When ill, we often look to others for answers to our illness, we consult our doctors, our nurses, our friends, family, even sometimes psychics in some situations, in the hope we can find equilibrium again.

The truth is that the only person who has the complete control over whether you get well again or not, whether you like to admit it or realise it, is YOU.

In this blog post I will discuss the importance of becoming your own hero in your battle to regain good mental health. Continue reading “Becoming your own hero in your battle of mental health”