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Alt Therapy,Depression

Date : May 13, 2015Comments : 0

Can laughter heal your depression?

Being depressed is far from funny, it can feel like the joke is on you in fact. It is hard and everything has a dark grey and heavy feeling to it. The light has gone from your eyes and finding joy in even the smallest of things is so very hard but maybe it’s entirely possible to find respite in the power of laughter and comedy. In this blog post, I discuss why laughing and actively spending time¬†laughing and smiling can improve your mental health. Continue reading “Can laughter heal your depression?”

Alt Therapy,Depression,Motivation

Date : May 3, 2015Comments : 0

Psychic readings good for depression?

I am well aware that psychic readings¬†is a topic that needs kids gloves particularly because of the views of many religious cults seeing as a thing that should not be trifled with but I hope by discussing psychic readings and reading the information with an open mind you can see the benefits of a psychic reading, particularly for those who have unfortunately become depressed. In this post I will discuss the pros and the cons backed up with scientific research and the views of others to come to a balanced view allowing you to come to your own conclusion, would a psychic reading help you overcome your depression? Continue reading “Psychic readings good for depression?”