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Date : October 11, 2015Comments : 0

7 Things To Know About Anxiety Sufferers

As someone who struggles with anxiety, I know what it’s like to deal with family and friends who don’t understand what I’m going through. While some of my loved ones are still good at helping me get through my anxiety and find it in their hearts to be a source of support, others are not always as successful in being as kind or helpful. I understand that this is oftentimes due to lack of true understanding and because of this, I’d like to help those who don’t deal with anxiety but know others who do, understand a little more about the issue. Continue reading “7 Things To Know About Anxiety Sufferers”

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Date : October 10, 2015Comments : 4

Founder of Battle of Mind talks about his experiences of mental health

Today is Mental Health Awareness day and I think now is the perfect time to talk about what path led me to creating Battle of Mind; what I have experienced in my life that led to a complete breakdown, being clinically diagnosed at high risk of suicide, not wanting to not be alive in 2011 and how I managed to start to change my life around by taking tough changes that involved great sacrifice and still, even though in a better place, suffers on occasions with depression and anxiety.

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You Are Not Alone

You are not alone.

If you struggle with a mental health issue, you may or may not have heard these four words before. Even if you have heard these words spoken to you in the past, you may still have found them hard to believe. Why is this? It is most likely due to the fact that because you are the one struggling with the issue, it is hard to believe that you are not the only one. Continue reading “You Are Not Alone”

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Date : October 9, 2015Comments : 2

10 known natural cures for anxiety backed by science

In this blog post we discuss 10 known natural cures for anxiety many of which are backed by science and some used from direct experience.

Please note, this website should not be taken as medical advice. It is an information website, mostly from lived experience and research, explaining what has worked for some sufferers of anxiety. If you suffer with any form of anxiety please seek medical attention from your GP first and use information here to help guide to you towards creating your own plan to healing and furthe research.

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Date : October 7, 2015Comments : 1

Creating music playlists to help improve your depressive mood

At Battle of Mind we believe strongly in the use of the arts to help alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety and music was one great tool that helped the founder of BoM find his way through the minefield that is depression. In this post we discuss the idea of creating music playlists to help you improve your mood and reduce anxiety.

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Date : October 5, 2015Comments : 0

How long does it take to get through depression?

There are many factors to consider when talking about how long it takes to heal from depression and there is no average ratio for each person’s journey due to having varying levels of depression and anxiety for different reasons that often makes it challenging, if not impossible, to gauge a particular time frame for healing.

Healing from depression can need to take into consideration a person’s personality and upbringing as this too can come into the equation of healing the mind from these forms of disease.

In this blog post we discuss how long it takes to heal from depression and why time may be an irrelevant measure of the progress of moving away from severe depression and instead, you should consider other ways of measuring your recovery process.

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