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Date : November 24, 2015Comments : 0

Why you shouldn’t value your success & worth through money and materialism

For the subsequent three and a half years, I, the founder of BoM, has been living in one of the most affluent areas in the ENTIRE world with more millionaires living in the vicinity than anywhere else. Having graduated with high hopes of maybe making it as a successful architect myself until the economic recession of 2008 had other ideas.

Living in this location may well have rubbed salt into the wound for many in my particular circumstance, having less than the majority of the people I now lived close to in order to earn a living but something occurred to me that may be something many people don’t realise… we don’t really need material objects to feel valuable or have high self-worth.

Living so close to affluent people has made me realise my main goal of valuing myself and my perceived success and worth through money, materialism, possessions and my working position may be an inadvertent false sense of wealth and instead there is something I (and others) can choose to weigh success by and it is much more difficult to achieve a high level of it than traditional economic and material success.

Read on if you want to know what it is and if you want to, how you can also start practising this new measure of human ‘success’.

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Be your best possible self

Mens Mental Health

Date : November 19, 2015Comments : 0

Men need to battle their ego as well as their illness

Having mental illness is really tough for all who have lived with one and can feel like a battle to do just the basic things, hence why we titled our website ‘Battle of Mind’. But for men, they don’t just have to battle the mental illness, which is hard enough, they have to battle their own egos and what society thinks it is to be a man, to oppose the status quo and seek help and find the right therapy that works for them.

In this blog post we discuss the issues men face (from direct experience) and why men (but women too) need to drop their ego to begin to heal and become the strong person they always knew they were.

Please note, this is just a personal perspective from a man who has suffered severe depression, please do not be offended.

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Date : November 15, 2015Comments : 0

Charlie Chaplin gives an inspirational speech that will lift you and wake you

Although this speech is from ‘the great dictatorship’ Imagine if this was one of our political leaders today. A politician who really genuinely speaks from his heart and not just making decisions to make money or maintain power but in trying to make the world a better place than it can be.

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To be happier experience new things


Date : November 14, 2015Comments : 1

Living without fear

Today a lot of us woke up to the news of the terrible atrocity in Paris attacks by a few mindless thugs that acted out vengeful, evil and anger filled killings. My heart goes out to the people affected by this event and hope they will be able to find some peace in the support and love shared from around the world. These few people that act in this way are attempting to cause fear and instability in the world and why I feel that now is the time to discuss why we should all confront our fears and learn to live without fear to show our solidarity and empathy for those innocent souls the world lost yesterday.

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Alt Therapy,Depression,Motivation,Negative Thoughts

Date : November 10, 2015Comments : 0

Suffering depression? Find your inner spartan and KEEP GOING

No retreat, no surrender that is spartan law!

When suffering from depression we have to options. Two listen to the feelings and thoughts of sadness and negativity that often come with physical pains or we can choose to take the difficult path, confront how we feel and challenge ourselves into situations.

It can be quite easy to choose the option of shrinking into our beds and from the world and let our negative thoughts and feelings win, that is fine, we all need to do it now and again but it is really important that we also find our inner spartans ( or spartan-esses) to fight back against depression.

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Date : November 3, 2015Comments : 0

The good thing about depression

I bet when you saw the title you thought how the hell can depression be GOOD??! I know, at the very time you are at your lowest point nothing is good. Nothing that has been , nothing that is to come and nothing that is in your present moment, the world is grim but I am writing this blog post to tell you that depression HAS a good side. Want to know what is good about it then please read on.
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