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Date : November 2, 2015Comments : 1

Using Progress To Build Confidence

Like any mental health issue, anxiety is often a difficult one to deal with. It takes constant effort and commitment in order to begin to make progress. Once we make progress, however, we can’t afford to stop pushing ourselves. We need to keep practicing when it comes to facing our fears so that we can prove to ourselves that we are stronger than our obstacles. Continue reading “Using Progress To Build Confidence”


Date : November 1, 2015Comments : 1

10 films that explore mental illness

Using popular medium is a great way of exploring and understanding mental illness and several films have depicted particular illnesses really well. In this blog post we discuss ten films that the founder of Bom believes are excellent at helping understand what it feels like to experience an illness of the mind. In this blog post we discuss the best 10 films that explore mental illness and what it can feel like to have one of the conditions depicted in the films discussed. Continue reading “10 films that explore mental illness”