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Happy 2016! Motivate yourself to change your life – video

I am strong believer that the only person that can heal you fully, that can change your life is nobody else but YOU. You have to take the steps , you have to listen to the advice from professional therapists, doctors and nurses , you have to act upon that advice and you have to choose to take the medication. You also need to identify your own strengths and weaknesses, you need to be honest to yourself but ultimately BELIEVE in yourself and have a unwavering will to improve your life and your situation (it is inside of you). Continue reading “Happy 2016! Motivate yourself to change your life – video”


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How big is your problem really? Ask the universe

Sometimes we all feel a little bit down particularly when everything ‘appears’ to be going wrong or what we don’t want in our lives. It can be hard to shift these feelings and depression can unfold inside us but how big really are our problems?  This video of the universe may make you think differently, it may make us realise that nothing is a huge problem, everything can be solved and even the most powerful people on the planet are actually really small when you put it into perspective. Enjoy this video of the size of our universe and our place within the vast space we call home, it may give you a sense of peace to know your problem is almost unidentifiable to the universe at large. How big is your problem really?

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Mind Games | John Lennon – a song to lift you

Mind Games by John Lennon a fantastic tune to lift your spirits if you listen to the lyrics. We all feel that when we are battling our problems we are fighting a game within our own minds.

Being from Liverpool the founder of BoM feels a deep connection to John Lennon.

Not only for this reason but because so many things in my life have linked me to this great musician. As a child the founder lived in a village called Woolton all of his youth, only three streets away from where John Lennon stayed with his aunt.

I attended a primary school where John Lennon first performed as ‘the Beatles‘, he lived around the corner from the infamous Strawberry fields AND when I was teacher training the final school I taught in was a private school that John sent his son Julian to, plus, we are both married to asian women so I guess there couldn’t be any more coincidences and I guess you can tell, I am a huge fan of the man!

Regardless of this it can’t be argued that John was a genius with a kind heart and always promoted peace for all and peace within ourselves in all of his work regardless of being ridiculed or going against the grain.

This song is a fantastic lift and I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do every time I listen to it and find some peace in the words of this musical and artistic genius. Enjoy!


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I wish I had never had depression – LotR Inspirational video

Movies are incredibly emotive and also fantastic ways of helping you make sense of your own problems that you face in life. This video is a clip from the end of the first of the Lord of the Rings movies where he starts to feel the heavy burden of carrying the ring, a ring that has taken so many lives of ‘strong men’ as it messes with their minds and overcomes them.  Continue reading “I wish I had never had depression – LotR Inspirational video”

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You are beautiful video & the importance of perception

How many of us have been emotionally affected by others who have either made us feel ugly or small by pointing out our flaws or lowered our self esteem because they deemed something about us as not ‘attractive’ or ‘good enough’. A lot of this idea is down to if WE believe what they tell us or alternatively whether we choose to ignore negative comments or tell ourselves ‘we are good enough’ and ‘we are attractive’ can make us feel completely different about ourselves and our lives. Everything is about perception, believe you are ugly and you will be, believe you are attractive and again…you will be!

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5 steps to start to change your career

After experiencing a difficult graduation at the foot of the 2008 economic recession, in a city known to be neglected by the British government financially the founder of BoM understands the difficulty and depression that comes with the lack of opportunity to work. Likewise, after changing direction into teaching and realising he didn’t like the profession he also knows what it feels like to be trapped in a job or career that doesn’t make you happy.

In this blog post he discusses his thought process and how he managed to find a profession that he enjoys. He used this strategy three times to change his career path three in four years before arriving at his calling and most importantly how you can do it too.

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