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international happiness day

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Date : January 31, 2016Comments : 0

Inner Happiness is achievable and this is how

Inner Happiness, something we all dream of. We usually see it as having enough to live on, enough to travel the world, a big house, a big car , a nice attractive partner, lots and lots and lots of material things! Wrong! This is not happiness, these are all self serving pleasures and have scientifically proven limited amount of happiness associated with any of those things. True happiness is different and in this video Dr Amit Sood briefly discusses the REAL things that will bring true happiness into your life and you won’t believe just how simple it is!

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finding out why you are depressed

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It takes a strong person to ask for help

When we are suffering a mental discomfort, or in fact experiencing any kind of difficulty it can be really hard to ask for help. We all have pride and an ego that we must uphold that we are self sufficient, self reliant and incredibly ‘strong’. But what is true strength? Is it strong to walk alone and tackle everything yourself or is it stronger to seek help from those professionals who care about your welfare and understand how the mind works better than most in order to maintain good health? We explore the idea of strength in this blog post.

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Date : January 23, 2016Comments : 0

5 Documentaries that help you see life differently

When depressed it can be difficult to see the positives in life , in fact it seems almost impossible to see anything good, how things in your life can improve or turn around and to feel grateful for anything. Sometimes we become so detached from reality due to our personal situation and sometimes getting too involved in the negatives of the news reports that we forget about the ‘real’ and beautiful world we live.

In this blog post we discuss several documentaries that may help you to not only help you reassess what it is that you ‘think’ will make you happier with life but also make you feel more blessed for the world you and I live in.

Here is our list of feel good documentaries that we think you may like to watch.

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Date : January 17, 2016Comments : 0

The power of positive affirmations

Positive affirmation¬†–¬†a form of emotional support or encouragement.

When you are depressed it Is quite common that you can’t help but have a negative mind set. Everything is tinged with an element of grey and the colour drains from your surroundings; how things will ever be ‘normal’ again feels like an impossible dream.

This is where positive affirmations can really begin to change how you think or to use one when you need a boost. But what is a positive affirmation? In this blog post we discuss what they are, how they can benefit your mental health and some of the science behind it so you can choose to start to challenge your own negative thoughts.

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Date : January 7, 2016Comments : 0

Some good news about anxiety

Who would have thought it but having anxiety might just be ‘a good thing’! Scientific studies carried out in 2014 found out that some people that suffer from generalised anxiety disorder may actually have a higher IQ than others. In this blog post we share a video that discusses the idea that anxiety is actually a sign of high brain activity. Want to know more? Then watch this short video below and it may lift your spirits slightly.

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Date : January 2, 2016Comments : 0

Join me on my new years resolution – Let’s get fit!

Its 2016, we made it!

We got through all our trials and tribulations and it is at the end of the year when we tend to reflect more on what was good or bad about a time than others and where we probably need to make changes to our lives in order to live happier and healthier lives.

I guess for myself I focus A LOT on my work. I don’t just work 9 – 5, I work when I get home for a few hours every night on coding and improving my knowledge, or writing a blog post or creating a new image to share with everybody. I guess what I have neglected by doing this is my own physical health which is known to also have an affect on the wellbeing of your mental health and so, it is my plan to change all that and attempt to get myself in proper shape by excercising regularly and being more conscious of what I am putting into my body (diet).

In this blog post I am going to briefly discussing the tools I will be using to make sure I stick to this ‘new years resolution’.
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