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7 – “Every day you’re my inspiration” – Effortlessly You – Shane Filan

So much of my life is spent talking about my youngest daughter, discussing her life with medics or telling friends and family about her latest deterioration or achievement. My eldest daughter often gets overlooked, people don’t ask after her as often, yet she has her own struggles and difficulties as any child growing up does, and as much as I try to hide my depression and keep things together around her, there is no doubt that my demons have an impact on her life.

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The power that resides in the struggle

I wanted to share this video with you because I think it depicts very well my own journey of struggle, depression and how I needed to find something within me to move away from my home, 200 miles away as I knew the only person who could SERIOUSLY change my life lay in one person’s hands…me. Doctors, GPs, coaches and therapists can help you and guide you to a certain level but it ultimately up to YOU in taking control of your life and your destiny and having belief in yourself that you can change things. I hope you feel what I feel in this video and it helps you find your warrior, that you are worthy and that you can transform your life! I have included the words from the video in this blog below.

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Making The Most Of The Time We’ve Been Given

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Making The Most Of The Time We’ve Been Given

Here in the U.K. the clocks will be put forward this weekend to account for the change to British Summer Time, meaning that when we wake up after the change it will be one hour later than we’re used to.  7 a.m. will have become 8 a.m., and many people may have been caught out by the change in the time, meaning they are late for an appointment or at the very least have to rush breakfast in order to make up time.

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Why everyone should start blogging for their mental health

Blogging, it has been around for quite a while now, a short writings from a day in the life, or something of interest, of a particular person. You may think of something like Star Trek and ‘captains log’, at the end of each episode Captain Kirk would discuss his days activity , the things he had encountered and aliens he had made contact with. We each go through our own daily journeys, even if it is just getting out of bed and having a shower, that can be an epic journey when you are severely depressed but the fact you pushed yourself through your thoughts and feelings is an adventure in itself. In this blog post we discuss why you should think about a blogging adventure, how to get started and how to get involved with the community.

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The Budget: Balancing The Books

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The Budget: Balancing The Books

Here in the U.K. the Chancellor of the Exchequer has just released this year’s budget, the setting out of where the nation is going to spend money over the next 12 months, and where it is going to raise that money from.  There have been some people approving of the budget plans, some disapproving, and some who don’t really have a strong opinion either way.


The common phrase ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ is sometimes seen as quite a negative one, referring as it does to depriving one person to pay off another.  I would be tempted to argue, however, that perhaps the phrase can also make reference to the shifting of resources from one area to another, whether they be financial resources, resources of time or resources of energy.  After all, these three things are in limited supply for each one of us.


As a therapist, I often feel that when someone seeks assistance with a wellbeing issue, what they are looking for is a more balanced way of living.  Their emotions are perhaps mainly at one end of the scale, or they may be struggling with an unhelpful addiction to one particular thing which has led to an unhealthy imbalance.  Gaining that middle ground is a key aim.


Sometimes I will work with a client to raise their awareness of where they are spending their limited resources of time or energy, as often they are unaware of why they feel so out of kilter.  A visual representation of how much they give to each aspect of living can be very helpful, and so I use an exercise designed to produce just that.  Large circles full of smaller rings, one inside the other, can be labelled ‘family’, ‘work’, ‘my time’, and ‘physical exercise’, etc.  Using circles on a sheet of paper or on an online equivalent, I ask the client to colour them in from the centre to show how much attention they feel that particular circle is getting.  The more a circle is shaded in, the more attention it is currently receiving.  Once the exercise is complete, it is clearer where resources are being concentrated.  The circle diagram is helpful as it allows us to look at where a ring can be taken from one area to give to another.  In practice, this may mean looking at where time or money can be re-purposed from one place to a neighbouring concern, with the goal being greater balance across the client’s life as a whole.


One of the aims of Chancellors past and present is to ‘balance the books’.  They recognise that to have a balanced economy is the financial equivalent of not having ‘all your eggs in one basket’, to use another popular phrase.  In our own lives, if everything rests on one area – one circle – are we not more vulnerable to things going wrong?  If work is everything to us, what would we be if we lost our job?  Balancing the books in terms of personal wellbeing can help lead to a more steady, grounded and fulfilling life.  Surely that’s a worthwhile goal for any of us?

~ Rob Oglesby MBACP B.A. (Hons) BSc | Ashwood Therapy

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6 – “When it seems like the end, I feel the arms of a stranger rescue me” – Sandi Patty – Unexpected Friends

The last week or so has been really difficult. My little lady has been very unwell, and in addition, my Husband and I have had several meetings and discussions with various professionals involved in her care about her future. Thankfully she has rallied well and seems to have shifted this latest illness with her usual strength and determination, and the long sleepless nights are lessening slowly.

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