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Date : March 4, 2016Comments : 0

Now we are free – Gladiator – english lyrics translation

When John, the founder of Battle of Mind was going through many difficulties in his life and found doing just the basic things difficult, going into a working environment he no longer wanted to be in but didn’t want to let bullies who had made his difficult win he had to find motivation, self-encouragement and inspiration to become ‘stronger’ and more determined even though he knew he didn’t want to do what he was doing and felt out of control of his destiny (similar to Maximus in the arena), he did complete his objective with the mindset of the gladiator and the ethereal like theme tune. At this time music played quite a big part in shifting a very heavily negative mood and facing that which he didn’t want to and the power of Hans Zimmer’s song from the movie ‘Gladiator‘, was hugely influential in encouraging himself too. Continue reading “Now we are free – Gladiator – english lyrics translation”


Date : March 3, 2016Comments : 3

AV discusses how people react to opening up about depression

1 – “‘Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me” – Fight Song – Rachel Platten

For many years I have struggled with depression.

It has affected every part of my life, I have been unable to hold onto jobs, lost friends, not been able to appreciate the joy of having beautiful babies.  The list is endless. I do not believe there was an event that caused it, nothing happened to me that meant I developed depression.

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