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WIthout Saying A Word

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Date : April 30, 2016Comments : 0

Without Saying A Word

As part of their core practitioner training, psychotherapists are introduced to the idea that the message a client is conveying comes only partly from the words they speak.  There is much extra information that makes up how a client presents in the counselling room, including non-verbal information such as body language and gestures, how the client is sitting and what their facial expression is.  Para-linguistic information – or the manner in which the narrative is delivered – can also yield clues which build up a picture for the counsellor.  This information includes how quickly the client speaks, and perhaps the tone and pitch of their voice.  Indeed, much can be learned about how the client is feeling that day without them saying a word about their particular problem. Continue reading “Without Saying A Word”


Date : April 26, 2016Comments : 0

A word on the hillsborough incident from BoM Founder

Justice has been served, the families of the 96 Liverpool supporters who lost their lives to the horrific tragedy at Hillsborough has finally been declared as no the fault of the Liverpool people and in fact, a cover up and failing between the people, in society, we tend to trust the most, the Police, the emergency services,the match organizer and the government bodies involved.

For over 27 years the families of the 96 and the people of Liverpool have denied the opportunity for the Hillsborough event to be sweeped under the carpet and forgotten and is an incredibly emotional experience for all those involved. For the justice system to finally admit that the people of Liverpool were completely innocent and not at all how had been perceived by high officials in the conservative party or The S*n mainstream newspaper and finally, the true people to blame will be brought to justice.

There are many things we can learn from this long and challenging court case in terms of our own lives and I want to share my thoughts on the matter in what I hope is a sensitive but powerful messages that the people involved have really made a strong message.

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Date : April 25, 2016Comments : 0

AV Discusses The importance of a supportive partner when depressed

I write this during the longest and darkest period I’ve ever had in the almost twenty years I’ve been struggling with depression. To be honest, coming out the other side of it seems impossible right now. The strain of my darkness puts incredible pressure on my relationship with my Husband and there’s only so long anyone should have to live with what I put him through.

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Choose Your Grandparents Well

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Date : April 23, 2016Comments : 0

Choose Your Grandparents Well

There is no doubt that what we inherit from our parents, grandparents and more distant relatives has an impact on our make-up as a person. Hair colour, height and other physical characteristics can all often be recognised in the family photo album as having their source some generations back. It is also true that certain difficulties – both physical and mental – can be passed down from our ancestors. Continue reading “Choose Your Grandparents Well”


Date : April 21, 2016Comments : 0

6 traits of a survivor of severe depression

Hi dear readers, this is a blog post not to scare you or be negative or to make others feel pity or any form of empathy, I am creating this blog post for those people who are suffering with severe depression, living with a person who has been diagnosed with the condition or for people to understand why some people may seem a little different compared to other people you encounter. In this blog we explore what life is like ‘after’ surviving severe depression.

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Online Therapy

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Date : April 18, 2016Comments : 0

OCTIA and Online Therapy

This weekend I have attended the OCTIA conference in Bristol, U.K., and have met with many other online counsellors both in person and through the live webchat facility. OCTIA – or Online Counselling and Therapy In Action – has been running for several years and brings together therapists from throughout the United Kingdom and also those practising in different places around the globe. Although many attend the physical conference room, many more log in from a variety of countries both near and far to hear experts in the online counselling field speak on a variety of subjects. This year there were over 700 online delegates registered to take part in the conference from a distance! The event has a truly international reach.

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Date : April 13, 2016Comments : 0

Learn to develop your tolerance to improve your mental health

We all have likes and dislikes , beliefs and goals that are developed throughout our life due to many environmental factors such as friends, financial background, religion, schooling and more. When we meet people who have come through life in different ways and at first glance, seem to be completely different to us or make us feel that our lifestyle is threatened, it can make us feel uncomfortable or at worst, angry to the point of rage. In this blog post I explore the importance of developing tolerance of others in helping improve your mental health.

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