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Life Experience

Date : June 29, 2016Comments : 1

13 – “There are angels on earth, They’re right by your side” – Angels On Earth – Tiffany Evans

2016 has seen many celebrity deaths, covered widely by all media, and mass hysteria has followed by fans who have felt sadness at the passing of their idols. In life though we meet people who aren’t famous, don’t seek out attention or praise, but who bring more to our lives than any celebrity ever could.
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Date : June 27, 2016Comments : 0

Soothe a racing mind with calming sounds and music

Sometimes, our mind can get over run by thoughts so much so that it brings on incredible migraines, feelings of being lethargic or having no escape from the pain that having depression and anxiety can bring. At times like this it is important to relax the mind and rest. In this blog post I discuss one strategy for bringing some peace of mind.

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Online Therapy


Date : June 25, 2016Comments : 0

The Power of Online Therapy

With more and more of our lives being conducted online, the Internet is becoming the medium of choice for people seeking support for their mental wellbeing through therapeutic counselling.  Is online therapy the same as face to face therapy?


The research literature in the field of online counselling points to one particular feature of e-therapy that helps many open up about their issues: the online disinhibition effect.  Put simply, when in an online relationship clients seem to share what is going on in their lives more readily than they would in person.  As a counselling therapist, I am aware that people in general find it easier to open up to a counsellor than they do a friend of family member.  The professional boundaries and assurance of confidentiality create an atmosphere conducive to disclosure and trust.  When working online, this trust is enhanced, perhaps by the physical distance between client and therapist, and the process of disclosure is often speeded up.

Reviewing The Work Done

Working with a client on things that trouble them, or that they would like to overcome, is therefore moved along more quickly online, and relational depth is achieved more readily.  To me, this is the real power of online therapy.  Another helpful aspect of working either by secure email or instant messaging (text), is that the client has the option of keeping a record of what was discussed during the session to refer back to later.  Coping strategies and new perspectives can therefore be reviewed and consolidated, both between sessions and once therapy has been drawn to a close.

The Online Age

Having worked as both a face to face therapist and an online counsellor, I feel that the work of a psychological practitioner fits very well with the benefits brought by the Online Age.  Communication, the foundation of all human relationships, is a fundamental part of the connected world and makes therapy and the Internet ideal bedfellows.  If the real agent of lasting change is the therapeutic relationship, I believe that the opportunities for distance working with clients regardless of physical location is truly the start of a revolution in the way we approach the looking after of our wellbeing.

~ Rob Oglesby MBACP B.A. (Hons) BSc | Ashwood Therapy


[Ashwood Therapy provides a discreet, confidential and professional online counselling service by encrypted video call, live instant messaging and secure email.  More details, including tips on wellbeing and information on current counselling session pricing, can be found at]


Date : June 18, 2016Comments : 1

JK Rowling on depression, failure and belief

J.K. Rowling, one of  the greatest authors of our time once had nothing, not a penny, she had hit rock bottom, on benefits and only her child keeping her from sinking too far into depressions hold. This short video about JK Rowlings experience of her early life in her mid-20s and how she was clinically depressed and felt like she had failed on an epic scale had moved her to never give up. Continue reading “JK Rowling on depression, failure and belief”


Date : June 12, 2016Comments : 0

I AM THE GREATEST! Motivational Video

Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest men of the 20th century who came from a poor background, faced persecution, helped many when he could and a huge belief in himself and maintained his self-belief died last week and the world mourned.

He truly was an inspiration to all of us, white, black, man, woman of how all of us, regardless of our current starting point, should live and how all of us should see ourselves.

We are ALL the greatest, we ALL have a talent and passion and life should be about trying to make time to follow that passion. Whether we make it is a big and successful as Muhammad Ali or not is down to our own thoughts and beliefs on the matter and even if we don’t make it , even when we have tried so hard, at least we can be proud in the fact we have NEVER given up trying to achieve the top levels of our skills and enhance our ability to have good life experiences.

Let us all aim to be ‘the greatest’ version of ourselves we can be.


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Date : June 8, 2016Comments : 0

Dealing with hurtful words when depressed

12 – “Words are like weapons” – If I Could Turn Back Time – Cher

Internet trolls will always look for an excuse to make unnecessary and hurtful comments but since speaking out about my depression, I have received quite a few upsetting messages from people I have known for years, and it is those which are the hardest to ignore. Trolls are nobodies hiding behind a computer screen; these are people I considered to be friends.
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