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Date : October 13, 2016Comments : 1

My first floatation tank experience

The last weekend my wife and I decide that we would experience a floatation tank, sometimes called a sensory deprivation tank. There is some research passed on these devices that suggest they help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety on extensive use. In this blog post I explore my experience, thoughts and judgement on my first floatation tank experience and where you too can take part in your own floatation.

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Middle Age

Life Experience,Motivation,Relationships,therapy

Date : October 5, 2016Comments : 0

Middle Age: Looking Forward at 45

As more and more people turn to therapy to help them make sense of their own personal life journey, the issues around life stage changes often crop up in the counselling room. We are all generally living longer, not necessarily keeping the same partner for life and are reassessing what it means to live in today’s busy world.

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