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John A Wilson Founder of Battle of Mind

John Wilson

Founder of Battle of Mind | Artist , Designer & Tutor

I am a survivor of severe depression, clinically at risk of suicide and severe social anxiety and also the founder of Battle of Mind. My ill mental health was brought on by several factors but all circled mainly around the recession. I graduated as a part 1 Architect in 2008 (with extra qualifications in 3dsmax9 and AutoCAD 2008) in one of the most severely affected cities in the country by cuts and opportunity and then went on to try teaching only to experience workplace bullying which compounded my already low mood and lack of opportunity into severe depression. I pushed through the teaching to deny the bullies any pleasure of me failing only to collapse at the end realising I didn’t want to teach in this country and I’d been out the building industry too long to apply there…

At the same time my older sister collapsed from work-related stress as a teacher three months previous…the school then paid her off to keep it quiet as how they treated her was, they realised, against regulations and the head and many others involved could have lost her job…my younger sister was severely bullied at school (13 years younger) and as I had a breakdown she also did and never returned to her school, instead, being home schooled and contracting not only depression but severe social anxiety and eventually anorexia till she nearly died last year…she was the worst affected by mental health out of the three of us, possibly because she was younger but also probably due to being the most tender and kind out of the three of us…

My ex fiance left me that Christmas, that year too (3 months after my breakdown) but was a blessing as it motivated me to change my life, push myself through perceived boundaries, travelling to Colombia alone where I met a lovely woman who helped change my vision of life further and now I live and work in London as a graphics/web designer where I also met my Tibetan wife.

I guess what drove me to create this site is the fact I have been so affected by mental health problems in my life and surrounded by it for many years and the challenges of living with it can involve that I grew this initially as a blog, then as a shop and now as a directory to help people who don’t know what to do or where to turn other than the NHS that sometimes have waiting lists of up to 6 months or more to see a specialist…which isn’t always great if you are at risk of suicide. For me, in the end of suffering for around 6 years,private hypnotherapy was my ultimate benefactor and thus I see each person’s healing as needing different treatment depending on the individual’s experience  and perception of ‘their’ reality…

Also I know, as a guy, how difficult it is to consider talking about your problems to others, for either fear of feeling like a burden or that it will do no good, as men are perceived in society as they must be strong for everyone else, can’t tell of their problems and struggles for signs of weakness or possibly questioning sexuality or make those they care about feel as low as they do so I thought I’d stand up, be open and vulnerable.

I know how painful it is to suffer with these forms of illness and now, in a better place than I was 5 years ago, created this website with the aim of helping others on their journeys to recovery. A resource of tools to heal, to inspire, to uplift and to strengthen the mind.

I hope you find it beneficial.

J A Wilson


Stewart Bint

Stewart Bint

Novelist | Columnist | Public Relations

Stewart Bint is now a novelist, magazine columnist and Public Relations writer.

During his earlier career, when he was climbing the corporate ladder, a combination of events triggered severe depression and led to him being hospitalised for ten weeks, during which time he was also sectioned for 28 days.

By reassessing his priorities he has turned his life around and is now doing what he enjoys most: writing. He usually goes barefoot.

Liam Kennedy, Support Worker

Liam Kennedy

Support Worker | Motivational Speaker | Poet

I am a mental health sufferer who has battled severe depression and schizophrenia for 8 years but I am currently into a period of recovery which has entered 22 months and I am going from strength to strength.

Before I entered my recovery i endured the worst experience of my life which was a 10 week breakdown, I had became a recluse, had my medication stopped and was going through withdrawal symptoms as my meds were not replaced, I also had 8 different voices in my head and I was severely sleep deprived as I only managed 2 hours of broken sleep a night for the whole 10 week ordeal, all of that added with my severely depressive state, this was my own personal Hell!

The last day of my breakdown was also the glorious first day of my recovery and I have completely gotten my life back on track and its taken me 22 months to get to this point but I know the hard work must continue, my relentless work ethic and my desire and hunger to not just survive but to also live my life acts as my fuel and i love life once again!

I attack each day with such ferocity that nothing can stand in my way, I’m hungry for success but the one thing that truly makes me happy is my passion but also my mission in life which is to help my fellow mental health sufferers all around the world, I have helped a lot of people and I will continue to do this with the gifts I have with my motivational speaking, my creative writing where I write about my experiences with my mental health problems and talk about how I triumphantly fought back against my illness and in each piece I offer HOPE and STRENGTH to the reader.

I am also a poet, I write motivational and inspirational poetry once again mental health related and I have given each piece a certain message and that message is HOPE, STRENGTH, FIGHT, MOTIVATION, INSPIRATION. I want to show people that recovery is possible with BELIEF and HARD WORK and with all of these gifts I have acquired through my recovery i can achieve my mission in life to help my fellow mental health sufferers! My motto in life is NEVER GIVE UP and that is in my DNA, I am programmed to carry on and keep going and I don’t know what giving up is, I refuse to throw in the towel!

If you put your mind to something and you want it so much that you will sacrifice anything for it then you will achieve this. The something I wanted so bad was my life and I literally fought and fought for my life and I came out the winner, it was make or break but I thank myself every single day for staying in the fight and going the distance, I made an investment and it has paid dividends!

I recently got a job as a support worker were I am going to be working with mental health sufferers and now I have the opportunity to pass on the good work I learned and all the wisdom, guidance and knowledge I have gained and hopefully, inspire these individuals and they too enter their own recovery!

I live every day as if it’s my last and I take nothing for granted, I am a promoter of POSITIVITY and I embrace life, I am born again every single day and I love life again!


BG - aspiring writer


Author | Blogger

My name is B.G. and I have struggled with anxiety for several years. While I think I’ve always dealt with anxiety, it really seemed to hit Junior year in high school and then again in my second year of college. However, I continued going to college and just last year, graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Arts and Science, majoring in English and Minoring in Writing.

Ever since I was in about the third grade, I’ve known that I wanted to write and one day be an author, but it wasn’t until my therapist suggested creating a blog that I really realized my potential in helping others with mental health issues. I soon realized that I could connect with others by sharing my experiences with anxiety, and at the same time, help both myself and others find our way towards freedom from the obstacles that anxiety often throws our way.

Loch Lubnaig , Av's favourite place


Mother | Writer | Blogger

My name is Av, I’m a happily married Mother of two girls (one with severe, complex medical problems), living in the UK. I have fought depression on and off since I was a teenager. It comes in waves and without warning and is sometimes so aggressive that it is an effort to even breathe. Other times it is less intense and although there is never a day without demons if I am lucky then sometimes they play nicely in the background.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a journalist but depression stopped me from holding down a full-time job for many years and it soon became apparent that Journalism would remain a dream. I started writing my blog for two reasons. Firstly to clear a bit of space in the chaos that is my head, to allow clearer thoughts and less panicky feelings. Secondly, because I know of many friends who struggle with a mental illness who feel unable to speak out. Through my writing I want to show that it’s ok to say how you’re feeling and it’s ok to say if you are struggling. If someone reads my blog and can relate to it, then sharing my inner most personal thoughts will be worth it.

It’s only by shouting together that we can raise awareness of mental health problems, and end the stigma associated with them. It’s time to silence the demons!

Rob Oglesby MBACP - Ashwood Therapy

Rob Oglesby

Professional Counsellor | Owner, Ashwood Therapy

Rob Oglesby MBACP is a fully qualified and insured therapeutic counsellor who is a registered member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP). He is a member of the executive committee for the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online (ACTO), and is involved in the development and furthering of online counselling provision here in the U.K.

Rob has extensive experience working alongside clients facing mental wellbeing issues such as depression and anxiety, and is experienced in supporting those facing bereavement, particularly after the death of a child or young person.  His work at a children’s hospice has shown him that nothing should be taken for granted, and that each new day is a gift to be cherished.

Ashwood Therapy is Rob’s private counselling practice through which he offers exclusively online support to clients via secure video call, encrypted email and live instant messaging. He has a keen interest in technology and how this impacts on the therapeutic relationship, and aims to improve access to counselling for those who may be unable to attend a consulting room in person due to other commitments or disability.  More information can be found at, or by visiting Rob’s Battle of Mind profile page:

Rob writes weekly of his reflections on the world of therapy and invites contact from people interested in wellbeing issues though his Twitter (@ashwoodtherapy) and Facebook ( accounts.