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Liam Kennedy


Depression,Healing,Life Experience,Mens Mental Health

Date : March 26, 2015Comments : 0

Hello my friends my name is Liam Kennedy, I am now into my 22nd month of recovery and i am in such a great place at the moment and i plan on staying here!

I will experience obstacles as i continue to work hard trying to remain well in my recovery, this is inevitable but it’s how I react to these little blips, I either panic and suffer a setback and lose progress or I remain calm and composed under pressure and do everything in my powers to get myself out of my slump!

The days do not become easier I am just growing stronger!

I’ve worked my socks off every single day since i entered my recovery to get to this point but the real hard-work has not started yet as i am entering a new chapter of my life in almost gaining employment once again. I am ready for this step and my relentless desire to want to work again has acted as my fuel and i have a few opportunities coming up for me that may well possibly lead to employment and the prospect of this excites me tremendously!

My WORK-ETHIC matched by my DEDICATION and the fact that i possess so much SELF-BELIEF and also the fact that i do not know how to quit with my NEVER GIVE UP attitude are all so crucial to my quest and this potent combination will see me SUCCEED with my MISSION in life which is to not just help my fellow mental health sufferers around the world but to also be SUCCESSFUL in life and I will ACHIEVE this because i BELIEVE this!

I was meant to overcome my own struggles and difficulties

I have said this to many people and I know that when i make this statement, nothing has made more sense to me or felt more right than the fact that i truly believe i was meant to overcome my own struggles and difficulties with my mental health problems and pass each test that has been thrown at me and come out of the whole experience much more wise. The strength i have gained throughout what i would call “MY TRAINING IN LIFE” has made me this STRONG, RESILIENT, RESOLUTE man i am today, i am smiling as i write this because i am absolutely thrilled i overcome the most difficult period of my life which was the 10 week breakdown i encountered just before i entered my period of RECOVERY, nothing will ever be as bad as what i went through during my visit to my own personal Hell. I have learned so much about myself during this horrendous but also crucial 10 week ordeal. A question i constantly asked myself during the time was “Am i tough enough to get through this”

I believed I would get through it

I believed i would get through it even though i was so severely depressed and with the 8 different voices i was hearing in my head at the time were telling me i would not; Even with going through withdrawal symptoms for the last 9 weeks of my breakdown because i was taken off my meds and was not given a replacement medication;

Even with me only managing 2 hours of broken sleep a night for the whole of the 10 weeks which led to sickening vomiting because of the sleep deprived state I was in; Also the fact that my relationship with my fiancée Lisa was in critical mode due to me shutting myself off to the world and locking myself in my bedroom;

Even with all that going on i still believed that I would come out of this as the winner, I had to because if i didn’t have this belief then that would be the end I would have ended up in hospital or worse, it was the hardest decision i ever had to do in terms of having to be Mentally and Physically tough and having the Bravery and Courage to stand back up, wipe the tears from my eyes and FIGHT-BACK against my illness.

The greatest decision I’ve ever made

Its the greatest decision ive ever made and i truly BELIEVE that this is why i was put on earth, its my sole purpose in life to help my fellow mental health sufferers and that makes me so HAPPY and each day i wake up i am in an EBULLIENT mood, i attack the day and get the most out of it, i am born again each day and i experience things as if for the first time, i’m eating food for the first time, i’m watching and playing football for the first time, i fall in love with my beautiful fiancee Lisa every single day and when i go to bed at the end of the night and i’ve taken my medication, i have a smile on my face because i know that it starts again tomorrow.



NEVER GIVE UP!!! – Liam Kennedy

Author Name : Liam Kennedy

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