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Date : July 11, 2017Comments : 0

11 FREE apps that help overcome depression and anxiety

Technology sometimes gets a really bad reputation for being bad for society and our mental health with reports of photographic social media platforms affecting the way we look at our own bodies and lowering our self-esteem. Although this may be the case technology gives huge capability for improved mental health and in this blog post we are going to discuss just some of the apps that we recommend you try for improved health.

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Date : October 13, 2016Comments : 1

My first floatation tank experience

The last weekend my wife and I decide that we would experience a floatation tank, sometimes called a sensory deprivation tank. There is some research passed on these devices that suggest they help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety on extensive use. In this blog post I explore my experience, thoughts and judgement on my first floatation tank experience and where you too can take part in your own floatation.

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Date : August 14, 2016Comments : 0

10 ways to improve your mental health and relationship with social media

We can’t ignore it, social media is HUGE for our generation.

It has infiltrated every aspect of our lives so vastly that it is difficult not to be a part of it even if you don’t really want to be. It could be said that it has almost made the telephone redundant as people begin to stay in touch and discover what loved ones are doing via Facebook or catch up with an old friend who lives on the other side of the world via Skype or discover the latest sports news before it even hits the newspapers. Social media has made us all more connected to each other but that can have it’s downsides.In this blog post we discuss ten things that we should keep in mind to keep our digital social life healthy.

In this blog post we discuss ten things that we should keep in mind to keep our digital social life positive and healthy.

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Counselling The Well

Counselling The Well

When it comes to going to the dentist, many people book six monthly or annual appointments to give their teeth a ‘check up’, even when they are not in pain or needing any major treatment.  This touching base, to catch any problems in the early stages, is widely accepted to be a good idea and is indeed recommended by dentists here in the U.K.  Similarly your car, if you have one, will need to have a regular inspection and be fine tuned to make sure that it is running safely and efficiently.  Most people would not question the logic behind such checks, which are  designed to identify problem areas before they are in need of serious attention.

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Online Therapy

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Date : April 18, 2016Comments : 0

OCTIA and Online Therapy

This weekend I have attended the OCTIA conference in Bristol, U.K., and have met with many other online counsellors both in person and through the live webchat facility. OCTIA – or Online Counselling and Therapy In Action – has been running for several years and brings together therapists from throughout the United Kingdom and also those practising in different places around the globe. Although many attend the physical conference room, many more log in from a variety of countries both near and far to hear experts in the online counselling field speak on a variety of subjects. This year there were over 700 online delegates registered to take part in the conference from a distance! The event has a truly international reach.

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Date : March 21, 2016Comments : 2

Why everyone should start blogging for their mental health

Blogging, it has been around for quite a while now, a short writings from a day in the life, or something of interest, of a particular person. You may think of something like Star Trek and ‘captains log’, at the end of each episode Captain Kirk would discuss his days activity , the things he had encountered and aliens he had made contact with. We each go through our own daily journeys, even if it is just getting out of bed and having a shower, that can be an epic journey when you are severely depressed but the fact you pushed yourself through your thoughts and feelings is an adventure in itself. In this blog post we discuss why you should think about a blogging adventure, how to get started and how to get involved with the community.

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