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Date : June 12, 2015Comments : 2

10 Reasons you should start meditating

Yo Man, time to chill out and get all peeeaced out. Is this your impression of meditation and why you probably haven’t tried it? When I first meditated I admit, it did feel kinda strange, sitting up right consciously sitting with your back straight and eyes closed, concentrating on breathing correctly, it was the stuff of the 1970s love revolution but meditation has been around for thousands of years before then. Meditation has many many benefits to not only your mental health but it can exude into other areas too! In this article we will discuss just 10 of the many reasons why you should start meditating today. Continue reading “10 Reasons you should start meditating”

Alt Therapy,Depression

Date : June 7, 2015Comments : 0

Cats help very stressed people to relax

Cats are just as powerful as dogs at helping people to destress and find calm in a chaotic mind and have been used in medicine to lift the spirits of patients suffering long term depression or difficult circumstances find a happier state of mind.

Cats help very stressed people to relax

Just watch this video below and see just how powerful something as small as playing and petting with a kitten can be to lift the mood of someone suffering with stress. I hope you enjoy viewing it!

happiness improvement

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Date : May 13, 2015Comments : 0

Can laughter heal your depression?

Being depressed is far from funny, it can feel like the joke is on you in fact. It is hard and everything has a dark grey and heavy feeling to it. The light has gone from your eyes and finding joy in even the smallest of things is so very hard but maybe it’s entirely possible to find respite in the power of laughter and comedy. In this blog post, I discuss why laughing and actively spending time¬†laughing and smiling can improve your mental health. Continue reading “Can laughter heal your depression?”

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Date : May 3, 2015Comments : 0

Psychic readings good for depression?

I am well aware that psychic readings¬†is a topic that needs kids gloves particularly because of the views of many religious cults seeing as a thing that should not be trifled with but I hope by discussing psychic readings and reading the information with an open mind you can see the benefits of a psychic reading, particularly for those who have unfortunately become depressed. In this post I will discuss the pros and the cons backed up with scientific research and the views of others to come to a balanced view allowing you to come to your own conclusion, would a psychic reading help you overcome your depression? Continue reading “Psychic readings good for depression?”

soul tree, painting by J Wilson

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Date : April 29, 2015Comments : 1

Using art as a tool for healing depression

I may be a little biased having spent my whole life studying and creating art for a living but art is one of the most therapeutic things you can do to bring a sense of balance in a very chaotic world. In this blog post I discuss the positive effects of art, both in creating and viewing it on the mental health of individuals. Continue reading “Using art as a tool for healing depression”

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Date : April 20, 2015Comments : 0

14 ways travelling can help you overcome depression & see things differently

When we are depressed all we can think about is the current situation, how the hell are you going to change it, it feels like it will never end! Travel can be an escape from the depressive life you are living and give you so much from even a week or two week experience of travelling even in your own country.

In this blog post the founder of BoM discusses why travelling is so good for you and your mind. Continue reading “14 ways travelling can help you overcome depression & see things differently”