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Date : June 8, 2016Comments : 0

Dealing with hurtful words when depressed

12 – “Words are like weapons” – If I Could Turn Back Time – Cher

Internet trolls will always look for an excuse to make unnecessary and hurtful comments but since speaking out about my depression, I have received quite a few upsetting messages from people I have known for years, and it is those which are the hardest to ignore. Trolls are nobodies hiding behind a computer screen; these are people I considered to be friends.
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Date : April 3, 2016Comments : 0

10 celebs that were bullied and how bullying experiences can end up being positive

You may not realise but many successful people are often victims of bullying or ridicule at a  young age and sometimes, into adulthood. People that get bullied tend to stand out from others for having different interests, a unique look or be special in some way and become easy targets for those who prefer to blend in and “be part of the in crowd” rather than following their own passions and interests for fear of being on the end of the cruel words, beatings and constant teasing.

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Date : December 1, 2015Comments : 0

5 ways how to stop letting gossip gorillas from bothering you

What are the gossip gorillas? Gossip gorillas are those ‘people’ who love nothing better than to talk about people behind their backs (or sometimes to their faces), sniggering and smirking at other people’s expenses to make themselves feel great. Some would say this could be one of the hardest things to overcome because we all subconsciously want to be accepted and liked by everyone we meet so when we feel we are being attacked for the way we are or being judged by people who hardly know us it hurts and hurts bad. In this blog post we are going to discuss effective ways to protect yourself from people that gossip and belittle others and also how to deal with things that may emotionally hurt you.

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9 Signs that you are in an unhealthy relationship

Whether you are male or female, having a good relationship is something that many of us strive for. Someone who understands us, to share experiences with, enjoy fun times and have lots of romantic getaways and experiences with but like all things in life, nothing is ‘perfect’ all the time and if you ignore the warning signs expecting things to get better then they can, in fact, get a whole lot worse! In this blog post we discuss 9 signs that a relationship may be jeopardising your mental and emotional health. Continue reading “9 Signs that you are in an unhealthy relationship”

your wrong doer may not forgiveness because of their own problems


Date : March 17, 2015Comments : 0

How to deal with work place bullying

We all need to have a profession, it doesn’t matter where you come from a profession affords you a certain standard of living and gives you a sense of purpose in life too. Unfortunately, there are sometimes people you will come across who for whatever reason, have decided to make your life more difficult and challenging by mistreating you. Continue reading “How to deal with work place bullying”