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Date : April 6, 2017Comments : 0

The problem with labelling people depressed or anxious

Labelling people depressed or anxious, I believe, is a big problem facing the mental health care system. I myself, the founder of Battle of Mind, was once labelled clinically depressed, suffering from acute social anxiety and at ‘clinical’ risk of suicide after taking a test that suggested I was 2 points scoring a full house on being sectioned into the British mental health system for my own safety and subscribed to the highest dose of citalopram possible. BUT, now, since recovery, I really do see a problem with the whole labelling me as someone who suffered depression/anxiety. In this blog post I am going to explore why I believe it isn’t good to make it so open to use terms such as depression and anxiety to label feelings.

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fear and phobias can be tackled with various therapies


Date : May 2, 2016Comments : 0

What is holding you back? Is anxiety ruling your life?

When a person has anxiety of any type there is usually a fear of future events, what could happen and the worst possible scenario going over and over in their mind until, their worst fear even having a remote chance of happening leading to panic attacks and so stops them living their life.

The founder of BoM used to have anxiety disorder alongside his severe depression and the two , for many, often go hand in hand. In this blog post we share an inspirational video, give some suggestions on therapies that can help you and a strategy, from lived experience, that worked for an ex-anxiety sufferer.

In this blog post we share an inspirational video, give some suggestions on therapies that can help you and a strategy, from lived experience, that worked for an ex-anxiety sufferer.

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WIthout Saying A Word

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Date : April 30, 2016Comments : 0

Without Saying A Word

As part of their core practitioner training, psychotherapists are introduced to the idea that the message a client is conveying comes only partly from the words they speak.  There is much extra information that makes up how a client presents in the counselling room, including non-verbal information such as body language and gestures, how the client is sitting and what their facial expression is.  Para-linguistic information – or the manner in which the narrative is delivered – can also yield clues which build up a picture for the counsellor.  This information includes how quickly the client speaks, and perhaps the tone and pitch of their voice.  Indeed, much can be learned about how the client is feeling that day without them saying a word about their particular problem. Continue reading “Without Saying A Word”

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Date : February 4, 2016Comments : 1

The Borderline Way To Recovery


BPD, PTSD, Dissociation, Depersonalisation, Depression, Anxiety and Psychosis. Phew!

(Quite accomplished for 20 years old, I’d say!)

Do you ever wonder what to do with all your diagnoses? How do you get on that elusive journey to recovery? How do you get to a place where you don’t need a diagnosis? Because, funnily enough, the issue with mental health is that, although the psychiatrists mean well in being orderly and efficient, these labels stick like mud. Once diagnosed we are branded with stigma for life. Oh, the shame!

Shame? Maybe once but not any more. Stigma fighters, survivors and mental health advocates such as myself have been tweeting, sharing, liking but above all communicating with the unified mission of eradicating stigma on a world wide scale and promoting recovery. I am doing so through my autobiographical writing which you can find on Wattpad: read my work in progress BPD & Me: Confessions of a Drama Queen

Something which I have discovered on my own journey of recovery is that these multiple diagnoses definitely do not define me in any way shape or form. I am not my mental illness. I am Emerald Grace, daughter, sister, mental health activist, author and poet, etc. I am me so why don’t you be you? Continue reading “The Borderline Way To Recovery”


Date : January 7, 2016Comments : 0

Some good news about anxiety

Who would have thought it but having anxiety might just be ‘a good thing’! Scientific studies carried out in 2014 found out that some people that suffer from generalised anxiety disorder may actually have a higher IQ than others. In this blog post we share a video that discusses the idea that anxiety is actually a sign of high brain activity. Want to know more? Then watch this short video below and it may lift your spirits slightly.

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