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gossipers gossip because it makes them feel good about their own lives

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Date : September 27, 2015Comments : 2

10 reasons why you should stop caring what others think of you

Socially anxious people are always worried about what others think of them and are fearful of making a fool of themselves, being insulted or ridiculed usually due to past traumatic events that has made them weary of those occasions and so tend to try and avoid social events and situations for fear of it happening again.

Having a nervous feeling about social situations is natural to the majority of us but when it is out of control and makes you extremely anxious, as though there is a danger or threat to your own well being then that is when you must try and realise that even if someone is mocking you ( although highly unlikely ) that you need to learn to stop caring what strangers think of you and start living life again.

In this blog post we discuss 10 reasons why you should stop caring what others think and some suggestions of how to start to put this into practice.

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Date : September 2, 2015Comments : 2

Breathe, a tool to help calm anxiety (3 min Video by BoM)

Breathe, a tool to help calm anxiety was created by the founder of Battle of Mind after experiencing first hand anxiety attacks he learnt how to control his feelings and thoughts with the use of correct breathing methods. In this blog post he shares three videos he created with the aim of helping others learn how to relax through deep and slow breathing whilst visualising a peaceful place. Please leave feedback so I can improve the designs for you.
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living with social anxiety in london

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Date : August 13, 2015Comments : 0

Moving to…and living with social anxiety in London

For a lot of people living with social anxiety the idea of living in a very busy place, every day, confronted with strangers, looking at you, sometimes in close and terribly unsociable close situations, listening to everyones conversations and assessing all the different personalities not only sounds exhausting but could be the thing of nightmares for many a sufferer of anxiety.

For the founder of BoM he had no choice, he knew a professional job was important to help him on his road to recovery & was determined to change his life for the better. When he applied for jobs all over his country and was offered a job opportunity his anxiety went to the back of his mind, now was the time to step up.

He took a leap of faith and chose to confront his anxiety and depression to the extreme levels and also attempt to start his career. In this blog post he discusses why moving to a busy place like London may have been the right cure for his anxiety problem all along.

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Date : April 15, 2015Comments : 0

Understanding what its like to have social anxiety through famous movies

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand someone who has an illness, particularly when it is one you can’t physically see and its hard to emphasis with something you have never experienced yourself. But what is social anxiety? Social anxiety is…

the fear of interaction with other people that brings on self-consciousness, feelings of being negatively judged and evaluated, and, as a result, leads to avoidance.

Social Anxiety Institute

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your wrong doer may not forgiveness because of their own problems


Date : March 17, 2015Comments : 0

How to deal with work place bullying

We all need to have a profession, it doesn’t matter where you come from a profession affords you a certain standard of living and gives you a sense of purpose in life too. Unfortunately, there are sometimes people you will come across who for whatever reason, have decided to make your life more difficult and challenging by mistreating you. Continue reading “How to deal with work place bullying”

dogs can help with depression

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Date : March 16, 2015Comments : 0

5 Reasons why a dog can help improve your mood

When I was in the midst of my personal struggle and journey it was at the time that my family decided to buy a dog for my younger sister Alice. She had been nagging them for so long for one, 6 years in fact when finally my father gave in and bought a beautiful little Westland Terrier from the rural location of Wales. Continue reading “5 Reasons why a dog can help improve your mood”