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Date : June 18, 2016Comments : 1

JK Rowling on depression, failure and belief

J.K. Rowling, one of  the greatest authors of our time once had nothing, not a penny, she had hit rock bottom, on benefits and only her child keeping her from sinking too far into depressions hold. This short video about JK Rowlings experience of her early life in her mid-20s and how she was clinically depressed and felt like she had failed on an epic scale had moved her to never give up. Continue reading “JK Rowling on depression, failure and belief”


Date : June 8, 2016Comments : 0

Dealing with hurtful words when depressed

12 – “Words are like weapons” – If I Could Turn Back Time – Cher

Internet trolls will always look for an excuse to make unnecessary and hurtful comments but since speaking out about my depression, I have received quite a few upsetting messages from people I have known for years, and it is those which are the hardest to ignore. Trolls are nobodies hiding behind a computer screen; these are people I considered to be friends.
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fight back to win the battle in your mind - gladiator mental strength


Date : May 28, 2016Comments : 0

win the battle in your mind by FIGHTING BACK!

Battle of Mind got its name from the fact to heal from depression/anxiety and other common mental health conditions such as low confidence and self worth there is a need to ‘fight back’ from the perception you have and the feelings you get from the opinions and comments of others. When I had depression I felt very heavy, low energy to do anything and always quite sleepy but I knew if I gave in to these feelings I would not change and improve my life so I got up, I started exercising via the wii, getting myself in shape and educating myself by learning a new language and how to code websites and improve my skills in the Adobe suite…at times it was incredibly hard to be motivated but I had to keep fighting and it was a battle of self-defeating inner monologues and thoughts between ‘what is the point’ to ‘I will never be able to do it’ to ‘I just give up’. I changed these thoughts to things that I could fight back against by talking to myself positively like ‘I will change my life’ , ‘I will do whatever it takes’, ‘I will life a fulfulling life’, ‘I will train myself to become a better version of myself’. Continue reading “win the battle in your mind by FIGHTING BACK!”

WIthout Saying A Word

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Date : April 30, 2016Comments : 0

Without Saying A Word

As part of their core practitioner training, psychotherapists are introduced to the idea that the message a client is conveying comes only partly from the words they speak.  There is much extra information that makes up how a client presents in the counselling room, including non-verbal information such as body language and gestures, how the client is sitting and what their facial expression is.  Para-linguistic information – or the manner in which the narrative is delivered – can also yield clues which build up a picture for the counsellor.  This information includes how quickly the client speaks, and perhaps the tone and pitch of their voice.  Indeed, much can be learned about how the client is feeling that day without them saying a word about their particular problem. Continue reading “Without Saying A Word”


Date : April 26, 2016Comments : 0

A word on the hillsborough incident from BoM Founder

Justice has been served, the families of the 96 Liverpool supporters who lost their lives to the horrific tragedy at Hillsborough has finally been declared as no the fault of the Liverpool people and in fact, a cover up and failing between the people, in society, we tend to trust the most, the Police, the emergency services,the match organizer and the government bodies involved.

For over 27 years the families of the 96 and the people of Liverpool have denied the opportunity for the Hillsborough event to be sweeped under the carpet and forgotten and is an incredibly emotional experience for all those involved. For the justice system to finally admit that the people of Liverpool were completely innocent and not at all how had been perceived by high officials in the conservative party or The S*n mainstream newspaper and finally, the true people to blame will be brought to justice.

There are many things we can learn from this long and challenging court case in terms of our own lives and I want to share my thoughts on the matter in what I hope is a sensitive but powerful messages that the people involved have really made a strong message.

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Date : April 25, 2016Comments : 0

AV Discusses The importance of a supportive partner when depressed

I write this during the longest and darkest period I’ve ever had in the almost twenty years I’ve been struggling with depression. To be honest, coming out the other side of it seems impossible right now. The strain of my darkness puts incredible pressure on my relationship with my Husband and there’s only so long anyone should have to live with what I put him through.

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