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Shipwreck - Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking

Some years ago I heard a story which gave me pause for thought, and which has stuck with me ever since.  A British ship was out in a foreign sea in rough weather, being battered from left to right all night by the wind, rain and waves.  Eventually, the storm became too much and the ship capsized, drowning all but two sailors who awoke the next morning to find themselves washed up on the sandy beach of a tiny island.  They found fresh water in the form of a stream, and several boxes of supplies washed up on the sand. Continue reading “Positive Thinking”

Life Experience

Date : June 29, 2016Comments : 1

13 – “There are angels on earth, They’re right by your side” – Angels On Earth – Tiffany Evans

2016 has seen many celebrity deaths, covered widely by all media, and mass hysteria has followed by fans who have felt sadness at the passing of their idols. In life though we meet people who aren’t famous, don’t seek out attention or praise, but who bring more to our lives than any celebrity ever could.
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Counselling The Well

Counselling The Well

When it comes to going to the dentist, many people book six monthly or annual appointments to give their teeth a ‘check up’, even when they are not in pain or needing any major treatment.  This touching base, to catch any problems in the early stages, is widely accepted to be a good idea and is indeed recommended by dentists here in the U.K.  Similarly your car, if you have one, will need to have a regular inspection and be fine tuned to make sure that it is running safely and efficiently.  Most people would not question the logic behind such checks, which are  designed to identify problem areas before they are in need of serious attention.

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Life Experience,Motivation

Date : May 21, 2016Comments : 0

Take the 30 day challenge to change your life

One of the reasons we can become depressed is because we get into negative routines and habits. One great way to break these habits is by consciously setting ourselves challenges. These challenges don’t have to be very big ( they can be if you like though! ), they can be small things that you have wanted to do but just haven’t found the inclination to start and needed some reason or motive to get you started. Well…here is your chance, take the 30-day challenge to change your life…

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