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WIthout Saying A Word

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Date : April 30, 2016Comments : 0

Without Saying A Word

As part of their core practitioner training, psychotherapists are introduced to the idea that the message a client is conveying comes only partly from the words they speak.  There is much extra information that makes up how a client presents in the counselling room, including non-verbal information such as body language and gestures, how the client is sitting and what their facial expression is.  Para-linguistic information – or the manner in which the narrative is delivered – can also yield clues which build up a picture for the counsellor.  This information includes how quickly the client speaks, and perhaps the tone and pitch of their voice.  Indeed, much can be learned about how the client is feeling that day without them saying a word about their particular problem. Continue reading “Without Saying A Word”

Choose Your Grandparents Well

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Date : April 23, 2016Comments : 0

Choose Your Grandparents Well

There is no doubt that what we inherit from our parents, grandparents and more distant relatives has an impact on our make-up as a person. Hair colour, height and other physical characteristics can all often be recognised in the family photo album as having their source some generations back. It is also true that certain difficulties – both physical and mental – can be passed down from our ancestors. Continue reading “Choose Your Grandparents Well”

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Date : April 13, 2016Comments : 0

Learn to develop your tolerance to improve your mental health

We all have likes and dislikes , beliefs and goals that are developed throughout our life due to many environmental factors such as friends, financial background, religion, schooling and more. When we meet people who have come through life in different ways and at first glance, seem to be completely different to us or make us feel that our lifestyle is threatened, it can make us feel uncomfortable or at worst, angry to the point of rage. In this blog post I explore the importance of developing tolerance of others in helping improve your mental health.

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Version 2.0

Out With The Old ~ In With The New?

As you may expect with me being an online counsellor, I have a keen interest in technology and enjoy keeping up with developments in the technological world.  Indeed, as well as regularly flicking through therapy journals I am an avid reader of the ‘tech-press’, and follow developments with new products and services closely.  Today I purchased a new tablet computer, and so will be getting more familiar with its capabilities and new features over the coming days.  Continue reading “Out With The Old ~ In With The New?”

Life Experience

Date : April 10, 2016Comments : 1

Battle of Mind Liebster blog award nomination

Please forgive this blog post that is a little off the usual topics, I never expected for this blog to ever be nominated for an award but one of BoM’s guest bloggers, Annie Omar, has very kindly nominated Battle of mind to receive this honor and this is my response to her questions. It may be quite insightful for those who read my blog posts to discover a bit more about the founder of Battle of Mind.

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Date : April 9, 2016Comments : 0

AV discusses how a holiday can be a help in dealing with depression

In the past, the only time my demons have been silenced at all is when we have been in Scotland. There’s something about the pace of life in the towns, the lack of people and the massive open spaces of mountains that just makes me feel calm and able to breathe. To say I had been looking forward to this latest break would be a massive understatement. I didn’t stop to think that the demons would pack their suitcases and come on holiday too.
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