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Date : April 3, 2016Comments : 0

Isolation: Are You On Your Own?

The English poet John Donne famously coined the phrase “no man is an island” in a work entitled Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions, published in 1624.  Referring to the idea that as humans we are social beings, relying on interconnection with others to flourish, it is an often quoted saying when speaking about the subject of being on our own. Continue reading “Isolation: Are You On Your Own?”

10 celebs that were bullied and how bullying experiences can end up being positive

You may not realise but many successful people are often victims of bullying or ridicule at a  young age and sometimes, into adulthood. People that get bullied tend to stand out from others for having different interests, a unique look or be special in some way and become easy targets for those who prefer to blend in and “be part of the in crowd” rather than following their own passions and interests for fear of being on the end of the cruel words, beatings and constant teasing.

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Depression,Life Experience

Date : March 29, 2016Comments : 0

AV discusses her experience of being diagnosed and living with depression

7 – “Every day you’re my inspiration” – Effortlessly You – Shane Filan

So much of my life is spent talking about my youngest daughter, discussing her life with medics or telling friends and family about her latest deterioration or achievement. My eldest daughter often gets overlooked, people don’t ask after her as often, yet she has her own struggles and difficulties as any child growing up does, and as much as I try to hide my depression and keep things together around her, there is no doubt that my demons have an impact on her life.

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Date : March 27, 2016Comments : 0

The power that resides in the struggle

I wanted to share this video with you because I think it depicts very well my own journey of struggle, depression and how I needed to find something within me to move away from my home, 200 miles away as I knew the only person who could SERIOUSLY change my life lay in one person’s hands…me. Doctors, GPs, coaches and therapists can help you and guide you to a certain level but it ultimately up to YOU in taking control of your life and your destiny and having belief in yourself that you can change things. I hope you feel what I feel in this video and it helps you find your warrior, that you are worthy and that you can transform your life! I have included the words from the video in this blog below.

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Making The Most Of The Time We’ve Been Given

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Making The Most Of The Time We’ve Been Given

Here in the U.K. the clocks will be put forward this weekend to account for the change to British Summer Time, meaning that when we wake up after the change it will be one hour later than we’re used to.  7 a.m. will have become 8 a.m., and many people may have been caught out by the change in the time, meaning they are late for an appointment or at the very least have to rush breakfast in order to make up time.

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The Budget: Balancing The Books

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Date : March 19, 2016Comments : 0

The Budget: Balancing The Books

Here in the U.K. the Chancellor of the Exchequer has just released this year’s budget, the setting out of where the nation is going to spend money over the next 12 months, and where it is going to raise that money from.  There have been some people approving of the budget plans, some disapproving, and some who don’t really have a strong opinion either way.

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The Empty Chair

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Date : March 14, 2016Comments : 0

The Empty Chair: What Would You Say?

The phrase ’empty chair technique’ may be familiar to many counsellors and psychotherapists, yet for members of the general public it may not mean a great deal.  I recently attended some professional development training in the form of a workshop which presented this technique and some of the ways it can be used.  In this blog post I will briefly explain what happens with this kind of therapeutic intervention, and what the benefits can be.

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