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Film about depression and the removal of ego – The Peaceful Warrior

Sometimes, trying to find inspirational movies that not only entertain us but motivate us and also educate us on how to overcome depression can be difficult to come by but fortunately, I stumbled across this one based on ‘true events’ and a book known as ‘The Peaceful Warrior‘.

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Date : February 4, 2016Comments : 0

#timetotalk Lets talk about mental health

Hello guys, I am the founder behind Battle of Mind with it being ‘let’s talk mental health’ day I  guess I felt that now is a good time to let you know who I am and my thoughts on the mental health ‘crisis’.

For quite a long time now many of us have been speaking about mental health, what it is, what conditions exist, by god there have even been full blown movies based on mental health conditions to help raise awareness. All this is fantastic and all very positive stuff but the real importance of the timetotalk campaign, I believe, is to realise it is okay to speak out to anyone that you aren’t coping with life’s challenges when they become too much and that it is perfectly okay! There is always someone who will listen to you whether a family member, a friend, your GP or a charity and no one will think you are stupid and you shouldn’t feel ashamed, it is completely fine.

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Date : January 2, 2016Comments : 0

Join me on my new years resolution – Let’s get fit!

Its 2016, we made it!

We got through all our trials and tribulations and it is at the end of the year when we tend to reflect more on what was good or bad about a time than others and where we probably need to make changes to our lives in order to live happier and healthier lives.

I guess for myself I focus A LOT on my work. I don’t just work 9 – 5, I work when I get home for a few hours every night on coding and improving my knowledge, or writing a blog post or creating a new image to share with everybody. I guess what I have neglected by doing this is my own physical health which is known to also have an affect on the wellbeing of your mental health and so, it is my plan to change all that and attempt to get myself in proper shape by excercising regularly and being more conscious of what I am putting into my body (diet).

In this blog post I am going to briefly discussing the tools I will be using to make sure I stick to this ‘new years resolution’.
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Be your best possible self

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Date : November 19, 2015Comments : 0

Men need to battle their ego as well as their illness

Having mental illness is really tough for all who have lived with one and can feel like a battle to do just the basic things, hence why we titled our website ‘Battle of Mind’. But for men, they don’t just have to battle the mental illness, which is hard enough, they have to battle their own egos and what society thinks it is to be a man, to oppose the status quo and seek help and find the right therapy that works for them.

In this blog post we discuss the issues men face (from direct experience) and why men (but women too) need to drop their ego to begin to heal and become the strong person they always knew they were.

Please note, this is just a personal perspective from a man who has suffered severe depression, please do not be offended.

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Date : August 2, 2015Comments : 0

10 reasons why if you can forgive you are powerful, liberating and strong

Today is International forgiveness day, a day which has been created to make you more conscious of what you have to forgive but why should you forgive another? Why should you forgive someone who has wronged you? In this blog post we discuss 10 reasons why forgiveness is powerful, liberating and shows sheer strength of a magnanimous person.

Forgiveness is the renunciation or cessation of resentment, indignation or anger as a result of a perceived offence, disagreement, or mistake, or ceasing to demand punishment or restitution. The Oxford English Dictionary defines forgiveness as ‘to grant free pardon and to give up all claim on account of an offence or debt’. This text has been taken from

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soul tree, painting by J Wilson

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Date : April 29, 2015Comments : 1

Using art as a tool for healing depression

I may be a little biased having spent my whole life studying and creating art for a living but art is one of the most therapeutic things you can do to bring a sense of balance in a very chaotic world. In this blog post I discuss the positive effects of art, both in creating and viewing it on the mental health of individuals. Continue reading “Using art as a tool for healing depression”