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Date : June 12, 2016Comments : 0

I AM THE GREATEST! Motivational Video

Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest men of the 20th century who came from a poor background, faced persecution, helped many when he could and a huge belief in himself and maintained his self-belief died last week and the world mourned.

He truly was an inspiration to all of us, white, black, man, woman of how all of us, regardless of our current starting point, should live and how all of us should see ourselves.

We are ALL the greatest, we ALL have a talent and passion and life should be about trying to make time to follow that passion. Whether we make it is a big and successful as Muhammad Ali or not is down to our own thoughts and beliefs on the matter and even if we don’t make it , even when we have tried so hard, at least we can be proud in the fact we have NEVER given up trying to achieve the top levels of our skills and enhance our ability to have good life experiences.

Let us all aim to be ‘the greatest’ version of ourselves we can be.


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fight back to win the battle in your mind - gladiator mental strength


Date : May 28, 2016Comments : 0

win the battle in your mind by FIGHTING BACK!

Battle of Mind got its name from the fact to heal from depression/anxiety and other common mental health conditions such as low confidence and self worth there is a need to ‘fight back’ from the perception you have and the feelings you get from the opinions and comments of others. When I had depression I felt very heavy, low energy to do anything and always quite sleepy but I knew if I gave in to these feelings I would not change and improve my life so I got up, I started exercising via the wii, getting myself in shape and educating myself by learning a new language and how to code websites and improve my skills in the Adobe suite…at times it was incredibly hard to be motivated but I had to keep fighting and it was a battle of self-defeating inner monologues and thoughts between ‘what is the point’ to ‘I will never be able to do it’ to ‘I just give up’. I changed these thoughts to things that I could fight back against by talking to myself positively like ‘I will change my life’ , ‘I will do whatever it takes’, ‘I will life a fulfulling life’, ‘I will train myself to become a better version of myself’. Continue reading “win the battle in your mind by FIGHTING BACK!”

Counselling The Well

Counselling The Well

When it comes to going to the dentist, many people book six monthly or annual appointments to give their teeth a ‘check up’, even when they are not in pain or needing any major treatment.  This touching base, to catch any problems in the early stages, is widely accepted to be a good idea and is indeed recommended by dentists here in the U.K.  Similarly your car, if you have one, will need to have a regular inspection and be fine tuned to make sure that it is running safely and efficiently.  Most people would not question the logic behind such checks, which are  designed to identify problem areas before they are in need of serious attention.

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Date : May 21, 2016Comments : 0

Take the 30 day challenge to change your life

One of the reasons we can become depressed is because we get into negative routines and habits. One great way to break these habits is by consciously setting ourselves challenges. These challenges don’t have to be very big ( they can be if you like though! ), they can be small things that you have wanted to do but just haven’t found the inclination to start and needed some reason or motive to get you started. Well…here is your chance, take the 30-day challenge to change your life…

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Date : April 26, 2016Comments : 0

A word on the hillsborough incident from BoM Founder

Justice has been served, the families of the 96 Liverpool supporters who lost their lives to the horrific tragedy at Hillsborough has finally been declared as no the fault of the Liverpool people and in fact, a cover up and failing between the people, in society, we tend to trust the most, the Police, the emergency services,the match organizer and the government bodies involved.

For over 27 years the families of the 96 and the people of Liverpool have denied the opportunity for the Hillsborough event to be sweeped under the carpet and forgotten and is an incredibly emotional experience for all those involved. For the justice system to finally admit that the people of Liverpool were completely innocent and not at all how had been perceived by high officials in the conservative party or The S*n mainstream newspaper and finally, the true people to blame will be brought to justice.

There are many things we can learn from this long and challenging court case in terms of our own lives and I want to share my thoughts on the matter in what I hope is a sensitive but powerful messages that the people involved have really made a strong message.

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Choose Your Grandparents Well

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Date : April 23, 2016Comments : 0

Choose Your Grandparents Well

There is no doubt that what we inherit from our parents, grandparents and more distant relatives has an impact on our make-up as a person. Hair colour, height and other physical characteristics can all often be recognised in the family photo album as having their source some generations back. It is also true that certain difficulties – both physical and mental – can be passed down from our ancestors. Continue reading “Choose Your Grandparents Well”