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Date : March 4, 2016Comments : 0

Now we are free – Gladiator – english lyrics translation

When John, the founder of Battle of Mind was going through many difficulties in his life and found doing just the basic things difficult, going into a working environment he no longer wanted to be in but didn’t want to let bullies who had made his difficult win he had to find motivation, self-encouragement and inspiration to become ‘stronger’ and more determined even though he knew he didn’t want to do what he was doing and felt out of control of his destiny (similar to Maximus in the arena), he did complete his objective with the mindset of the gladiator and the ethereal like theme tune. At this time music played quite a big part in shifting a very heavily negative mood and facing that which he didn’t want to and the power of Hans Zimmer’s song from the movie ‘Gladiator‘, was hugely influential in encouraging himself too. Continue reading “Now we are free – Gladiator – english lyrics translation”

Film about depression and the removal of ego – The Peaceful Warrior

Sometimes, trying to find inspirational movies that not only entertain us but motivate us and also educate us on how to overcome depression can be difficult to come by but fortunately, I stumbled across this one based on ‘true events’ and a book known as ‘The Peaceful Warrior‘.

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Date : February 24, 2016Comments : 0

Looking Forwards – Solution Focused Therapy

My core counselling training is in the humanistic-existential orientation and, more specifically, is predominantly of the person-centred approach (the ‘PCA’). This type of therapy is ‘non-directive’; the idea is that the counsellor does not tell the client what they should do in their situation, or what areas they should explore in their therapy. I have heard it said that solution focused brief therapy (SFBT here on in) is just the opposite of the person-centred approach, and that the two are vastly different. Continue reading “Looking Forwards – Solution Focused Therapy”

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Date : February 4, 2016Comments : 1

The Borderline Way To Recovery


BPD, PTSD, Dissociation, Depersonalisation, Depression, Anxiety and Psychosis. Phew!

(Quite accomplished for 20 years old, I’d say!)

Do you ever wonder what to do with all your diagnoses? How do you get on that elusive journey to recovery? How do you get to a place where you don’t need a diagnosis? Because, funnily enough, the issue with mental health is that, although the psychiatrists mean well in being orderly and efficient, these labels stick like mud. Once diagnosed we are branded with stigma for life. Oh, the shame!

Shame? Maybe once but not any more. Stigma fighters, survivors and mental health advocates such as myself have been tweeting, sharing, liking but above all communicating with the unified mission of eradicating stigma on a world wide scale and promoting recovery. I am doing so through my autobiographical writing which you can find on Wattpad: read my work in progress BPD & Me: Confessions of a Drama Queen

Something which I have discovered on my own journey of recovery is that these multiple diagnoses definitely do not define me in any way shape or form. I am not my mental illness. I am Emerald Grace, daughter, sister, mental health activist, author and poet, etc. I am me so why don’t you be you? Continue reading “The Borderline Way To Recovery”

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Date : January 23, 2016Comments : 0

5 Documentaries that help you see life differently

When depressed it can be difficult to see the positives in life , in fact it seems almost impossible to see anything good, how things in your life can improve or turn around and to feel grateful for anything. Sometimes we become so detached from reality due to our personal situation and sometimes getting too involved in the negatives of the news reports that we forget about the ‘real’ and beautiful world we live.

In this blog post we discuss several documentaries that may help you to not only help you reassess what it is that you ‘think’ will make you happier with life but also make you feel more blessed for the world you and I live in.

Here is our list of feel good documentaries that we think you may like to watch.

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