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Date : April 5, 2016Comments : 2

Want to know how amazing you are!?? Well for a start you are a part of THIS!

We are all victims of it, we all have moments of insignificance, we are shown pictures of people with amazing abs on Instagram, celebrities with all the wealth and possessions money could buy and our ability to even achieve a small amount of comfort that these people have made for themselves seems but a distant dream but did you realise just how amazing you actually are regardless what you have in your bank or what social status you currently hold in your community?!?

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Date : March 27, 2016Comments : 0

The power that resides in the struggle

I wanted to share this video with you because I think it depicts very well my own journey of struggle, depression and how I needed to find something within me to move away from my home, 200 miles away as I knew the only person who could SERIOUSLY change my life lay in one person’s hands…me. Doctors, GPs, coaches and therapists can help you and guide you to a certain level but it ultimately up to YOU in taking control of your life and your destiny and having belief in yourself that you can change things. I hope you feel what I feel in this video and it helps you find your warrior, that you are worthy and that you can transform your life! I have included the words from the video in this blog below.

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Date : March 4, 2016Comments : 0

Now we are free – Gladiator – english lyrics translation

When John, the founder of Battle of Mind was going through many difficulties in his life and found doing just the basic things difficult, going into a working environment he no longer wanted to be in but didn’t want to let bullies who had made his difficult win he had to find motivation, self-encouragement and inspiration to become ‘stronger’ and more determined even though he knew he didn’t want to do what he was doing and felt out of control of his destiny (similar to Maximus in the arena), he did complete his objective with the mindset of the gladiator and the ethereal like theme tune. At this time music played quite a big part in shifting a very heavily negative mood and facing that which he didn’t want to and the power of Hans Zimmer’s song from the movie ‘Gladiator‘, was hugely influential in encouraging himself too. Continue reading “Now we are free – Gladiator – english lyrics translation”

Film about depression and the removal of ego – The Peaceful Warrior

Sometimes, trying to find inspirational movies that not only entertain us but motivate us and also educate us on how to overcome depression can be difficult to come by but fortunately, I stumbled across this one based on ‘true events’ and a book known as ‘The Peaceful Warrior‘.

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international happiness day

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Date : January 31, 2016Comments : 0

Inner Happiness is achievable and this is how

Inner Happiness, something we all dream of. We usually see it as having enough to live on, enough to travel the world, a big house, a big car , a nice attractive partner, lots and lots and lots of material things! Wrong! This is not happiness, these are all self serving pleasures and have scientifically proven limited amount of happiness associated with any of those things. True happiness is different and in this video Dr Amit Sood briefly discusses the REAL things that will bring true happiness into your life and you won’t believe just how simple it is!

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