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Date : November 1, 2015Comments : 1

10 films that explore mental illness

Using popular medium is a great way of exploring and understanding mental illness and several films have depicted particular illnesses really well. In this blog post we discuss ten films that the founder of Bom believes are excellent at helping understand what it feels like to experience an illness of the mind. In this blog post we discuss the best 10 films that explore mental illness and what it can feel like to have one of the conditions depicted in the films discussed. Continue reading “10 films that explore mental illness”


Date : October 30, 2015Comments : 0

Don’t judge anyone, including self, regardless of past, everyone needs hope and a chance in life

How often do we hear bad news on the television or read about someone selling drugs, prostituting themselves or taking part in some other illegal activity and we judge them as ‘bad’. More often than not there is a reason that led to these people doing what they did and trying to understand their situation and knowing the whole story can give more empathy for a person who had lost all hope after he had made some bad choices out of desperation or despair. In this blog we share a video that will help you realize that not every criminal is a bad person but also that no matter the bad decisions you may have made in your past there is always someone willing to help you get yourself back, never give up on yourself.

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find your true passion from your childhood


Date : October 12, 2015Comments : 0

What is success? Let’s ask the kids!

Here is a lovely short video about what kids think it means to be successful. There is a lot of pressure on us all to be financially and materially successful and we have been brainwashed, probably by corporate entities, into thinking that is the only way we can define ourselves as ‘successful human beings’ but is this really success? Many footballers for instance have great material and financial success, as do bankers but they end up having mental health problems so is money really the identifier of success and happiness?

To find out the answer to these questions if we go back to the purity and innocence of a child’s way of thinking you might realise what is success and redefine our own thinking.

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Date : September 23, 2015Comments : 0

This one thing can separate people from getting help

One of the things that bothers me about mental health care is the people around the world that don’t get the help for whatever reason. The ones who slip the system because are not seen by the right doctor, the ones who get improperly diagnosed or the ones who don’t feel they can ask for help. But the worst case of mental health neglect is those people that need help but simply can’t financially afford to get specialist help, those are the people I am most upset about and it is for all those people who don’t get the help they need why Battle of Mind was created and we hope to offer guidance on how to find a path to healing regardless of personal circumstance or living location.

In this blog post we share a video of a poet discussing his experience of his friend and his own mental health care due to one thing, money.

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an image of a man standing on a road to represent overcome being afraid of change by taking the first step.

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Date : September 6, 2015Comments : 0

A motivational video, Rise, to help find ‘your’ purpose

Motivational video about rising even when you have little energy left. Motivational videos can really help you feel different and push you to change your circumstances. You know, there are often times where we feel that we have no purpose, we feel that we are abandoned from society and that no one wants our talents or abilities but its NOT true! You can change your situation , it isn’t easy but you can make the life you want with time, effort and lots of hard work. This 6 minute video will help you realise that the person that really can help you change your life around is YOU. I hope you enjoy it and it inspires you to push yourself to your limits to be what you truly want to be.

“Champions keep going when they don’t have anything left in their tank, that is the difference between the great”

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Date : September 2, 2015Comments : 2

Breathe, a tool to help calm anxiety (3 min Video by BoM)

Breathe, a tool to help calm anxiety was created by the founder of Battle of Mind after experiencing first hand anxiety attacks he learnt how to control his feelings and thoughts with the use of correct breathing methods. In this blog post he shares three videos he created with the aim of helping others learn how to relax through deep and slow breathing whilst visualising a peaceful place. Please leave feedback so I can improve the designs for you.
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Date : August 26, 2015Comments : 0

Anyone suffering right now, you are stronger than you realise!

I know how hard it is when suffering a mental illness, particularly at the very start of a recovery process, you couldn’t feel weaker and so different to a ‘normal’ person. Fact is, a lot of people suffer a mental breakdown, become depressed or anxious only for being strong on their own for way too long!

In this blog post I share you a video of a brilliant and powerful song to help you realise you ARE NOT weak for becoming ill, stressed , depressed, anxious , suffering addiction, having low self esteem or having any another mental illness. Continue reading “Anyone suffering right now, you are stronger than you realise!”