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John Wilson

JK Rowling on depression, failure and belief


Date : June 18, 2016Comments : 1

J.K. Rowling, one of  the greatest authors of our time once had nothing, not a penny, she had hit rock bottom, on benefits and only her child keeping her from sinking too far into depressions hold. This short video about JK Rowlings experience of her early life in her mid-20s and how she was clinically depressed and felt like she had failed on an epic scale had moved her to never give up.

Being in depression is really hard, undeniably so, but if we can harness the feelings of pain and failure we can use them to push ourselves to do things we love doing. I also know this isn’t easy, to move ourselves into action you must find the strength into being productive with time…it is okay to some days not be able to, when depressed it happens often, I know, but I am sure you have a dream, an idea or a hope and just an hour or so a day is a start on the stepping stones of change.

Focus on your dream as your ray of light and try to make some movement towards make it real…whether a painting, a new skill, a new language to be spoken, to be able to travel, a job even…you CAN make it all happen…if you need help starting your own life goals maybe it is worth contacting a life coach to help you stay motivated and give you new habits as a change in lifestyle can be one of the hardest things to sustain.

I hope you find this video from JK Rowling an inspiration to you to try to change things around as I did.

JK Rowling on Depression

Author Name : John Wilson

Hi folks! John Wilson is the founder of Battle of Mind and Seek A Therapy and a practising web and graphic designer. Before this John was also a part 1 architect in 2008 but due to the recession found it hard to find part 1 positions so retrained as a teacher only to find that wasn't right for him too...this led to him having a severe breakdown due to excessive debts and no opportunity. He had to refocus himself, his life and how he saw the world. It is with these difficult experiences that Battle of Mind was born and the desire for people to know there is a way out of any difficulty they may be facing. "When things seem to be falling apart they are actually falling together"

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