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Your Kind Words Do Matter


Date : October 15, 2015Comments : 0

Struggling with anxiety doesn’t just cause anxious feelings when a person goes somewhere or does something that makes them uncomfortable, but it can also cause self doubt. It can make a person doubt their abilities or the effect that they have on others. While we all have talents and are able to use those talents for good, we may sometimes feel as if our kind words don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

The truth is though that if we are using our talents for good and working towards helping ourselves and others, our efforts do matter. There are so many people who are looking for support and oftentimes feel as if there is no where to turn. I have discovered through joining the blogosphere and meeting others who deal with mental health issues, that we can help each other and that every voice counts.

So the next time you wonder if you’re really making a difference, remember all of the times that you felt like you were alone in dealing with your struggles. Then remember when someone came along to make you think differently and renew your faith in yourself. If you use your abilities and talents to help others, you too can make a difference! Helping others is a great way to realize that you can help both yourself and someone else who is struggling with similar issues.


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