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John Wilson

Film about depression and the removal of ego – The Peaceful Warrior

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Date : February 27, 2016Comments : 1

Sometimes, trying to find inspirational movies that not only entertain us but motivate us and also educate us on how to overcome depression can be difficult to come by but fortunately, I stumbled across this one based on ‘true events’ and a book known as ‘The Peaceful Warrior‘.

The basis of the peaceful warrior story


Dan Millman (Scott Melchowiz) is a talented college gymnast with a very large ego who seems to have it all.

He gets good grades, has disposable relationships and is trying out for the Olympics that he feels very confident he will be able to compete in.

But even though he is ‘doing well’ in his life he still wakes up in cold sweats at night.

His world is turned upside down after he meets a mysterious stranger he refers to as ‘Socrates‘.

Socrates seems to hold the power to tap into new worlds of strength and understanding and being intrigued by his knowledge, reflexes and philosophies becomes Dan s mentor guiding him through various avenues of his life.

During this time Dan suffers from a serious injury, and with the help of Socrates and a mysterious young woman (Amy Smart), he grows to realize that he has been living incorrectly and that removal of ego and replacing it with strength of spirit is what leads a man to his true greatness. He learns that he has to let go of his old way of thinking and start living in the moment and accepting we cannot control the future.

My short review after watching a film about depression and the removal of ego, The Peaceful Warrior

For me, I could relate to the main character entirely. I was popular at art school when 21, I felt awesome when I got selected for my architecture degree but became destroyed and depressed when the world recession blocked my path and then attempting teaching as a diversion only furthered my problems until I had to start working on myself inside with the help and guidance of a spiritual man and my knowledgeable mother on natural therapies…This film ‘accurately’ depicts exactly how depression is for guys (and possibly ladies ) who are on the up and then things happen that stop you reaching your goal causing negative thinking to engulf your every being forcing the self awareness and study of the mind and the removal of ego(self importance) to begin.

Brilliant film, well worth watching.

This is what I believe is the main message from the film…

  • Declutter the mind.
  • Let go of ego and materialism.
  • Enjoy the journey by doing what you love regardless of whatever is at the end.
  • Laugh.
  • Do what you were born to do even when you fail.
  • Let go of the need to control.
  • be comfortable with change it is life’s constant.

Have you watched this film? What are you thoughts on the movie , story and what do you feel is the main message? Please comment below

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Author Name : John Wilson

Hi folks! John Wilson is the founder of Battle of Mind and Seek A Therapy and a practising web and graphic designer. Before this John was also a part 1 architect in 2008 but due to the recession found it hard to find part 1 positions so retrained as a teacher only to find that wasn't right for him too...this led to him having a severe breakdown due to excessive debts and no opportunity. He had to refocus himself, his life and how he saw the world. It is with these difficult experiences that Battle of Mind was born and the desire for people to know there is a way out of any difficulty they may be facing. "When things seem to be falling apart they are actually falling together"

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