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John Wilson

The importance of sleeping when healing from depression


Date : September 30, 2015Comments : 2

Sleeping is a great tool for healing a lot of mental illness particularly after a bad breakdown. When your mind is full of too many thoughts, particularly of a negative variety, sleeping can still your mind and help heal you from over thinking things when it has become too overbearing.

Ensuring you get a good night’s sleep each evening is vitally important for the way you feel when you wake up. In this blog post we discuss sleeping and why it is so important for a balanced mind and to help you on your journey through depression or anxiety.

 Why is sleep so important when depressed?

Sleep is vital to any person who wants to maintain excellent mental health. Without adequate sleep the brain will not be able to make sense of all your thoughts and become overwhelmed. When depressed it is quite common to over think but only in a negative way, you get in a negative spiral and it is difficult to alleviate the feelings and thoughts you are constantly having in your mind. Having all these thoughts is incredibly exhausting and takes a lot of energy to process and so many depressed people will feel an urge to sleep and they shouldn’t ignore it.

Sleep is vital to give the cerebral cortex (the brain’s “thinking” part) a rest. The brain’s plasticity, which helps us learn and process, is maintained by sleep. A lack of sleep makes us feel we are working on autopilot. We feel irritable, less flexible in our thinking and less able to cope with the unexpected.

Body & Soul

Reasons why sleep was part of my recovery plan

1. Exhausting to sort your thoughts out


When you are initially in your deep state of depression and your thoughts are overwhelming your mind , your eyes become drowsy and your appetite becomes lower giving you less energy to so.

I recall when I was first recovering from severe depression most of my first month was spent sleeping, laying on the sofa for the majority of the day. I was constantly exhausted but it is what the brain needed to recover. If  your brain needs it, don’t fight it! Rest your mind, you can make a start on your goals when you have more energy.

Sleep was part of BoM founders recovery plan because it allowed him to gain more energy.

2. Irritability is high

Angry Man needs to learn to laugh more

Another common thing that happens when someone is depressed is that they tend to see the worst in all situations and see what it wrong with the world rather than what is good. For the founder of BoM he used to read the news A LOT when he had first entered into deep depression and would watch the stock markets because he saw that as the reason for his ultimate collapse. If he saw anything unjust, particularly surrounding the economy then he would become extremely irritable but as he slept more and focused his energy on other things it helped to cool his temper and find peace of mind.

Sleep was part of BoM founders recovery plan because it allowed him to cool his temper.

3. Allows you to process your thoughts

the importance of the breath

Sleeping is known to allow your brain to process information and consolidate memories which allows you to do all the rewiring and rethinking that you need to do in order to see where things went wrong and take a break from the difficulties you have just had to go through and help you understand why you may have become so depressed.

Good sleep allows you to process your thoughts and make sense of how you are feeling.

4. Allows you to learn new skills and find a new path

gives energy to learn new skills

Something I realised when I was severely depressed was I had made a huge mistake in my educational choices and I never wanted to become a teacher yet had paid a huge financial price to learn to be one. My true passion was always in the arts and the creative industries so one of my goals when I had recovered from my ill mental health was to start doing that as my career.

As already mentioned, energy is very low when you are severely depressed so by sleeping it gives you energy to take action, write down your goals when you wake up (see blog post here about the importance of goal setting)and seek ways of making your goals a reality.

For example, the founder knew he had put on a lot of weight when he eventually had his break down so one goal was to loose weight and another was to learn spanish ( as this would open up opportunity to emigrate from the UK and live and work in North or South America ( something he never did but did lead to him finding his life path and purpose again! )

Sleeping well allows you to have energy and some drive to learn new skills and become more employable and more knowledgeable for the future.

Sleeping when healing from depression is important

Sleeping is known to heal the body, how many times has your loved one said to you when you had the flu go to bed and sleep it off. This is the power of our bodies to heal itself and sleep is so vitally important in the early stages of deep depression to help recover from the darkness that depression is.

This information has come from personal experience, I would always recommend seeking a GP to  talk about any issues raised here but for the founder of BoM sleep may have been the best medication he could have ever took to begin to change the way he perceived his reality and gain a healthier brain once again.

Want to know more about why we sleep and what happens inside our brain when we sleep then watch this 8 minute informative video.

Author Name : John Wilson

Hi folks! John Wilson is the founder of Battle of Mind and Seek A Therapy and a practising web and graphic designer. Before this John was also a part 1 architect in 2008 but due to the recession found it hard to find part 1 positions so retrained as a teacher only to find that wasn't right for him too...this led to him having a severe breakdown due to excessive debts and no opportunity. He had to refocus himself, his life and how he saw the world. It is with these difficult experiences that Battle of Mind was born and the desire for people to know there is a way out of any difficulty they may be facing. "When things seem to be falling apart they are actually falling together"

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