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John Wilson

This video will tug at your heart strings and put things in perspective

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Date : June 26, 2015Comments : 0

Sometimes we can let our problems engulf us but in this video it can help us realise what is really important and put some of our difficult health problem into perspective.

Fathers talk directly and honestly to their children about what makes them proud about them and their children talk about what they are grateful for for having them there.

Even when your loved ones move on it doesn’t mean their love has disappeared, keep pushing forward and keep trying your hardest to make your loved ones proud, that is all they would want for you.

It doesn’t matter if you feel as though you have let them down, as long as you are trying your best right now your loved ones will always be proud of you for the courage you have shown whether alive or watching you from a comfortable cloud above.

Our problems are never as big as the love our close ones have for us. Try to always remember the good times and remember that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about you, the only people that truly matter are those who have seen your journey and know you deeply.

Keep smiling and let the people you love know you love them and appreciate them as often as you can. Hope you enjoy the video!


Author Name : John Wilson

Hi folks! John Wilson is the founder of Battle of Mind and Seek A Therapy and a practising web and graphic designer. Before this John was also a part 1 architect in 2008 but due to the recession found it hard to find part 1 positions so retrained as a teacher only to find that wasn't right for him too...this led to him having a severe breakdown due to excessive debts and no opportunity. He had to refocus himself, his life and how he saw the world. It is with these difficult experiences that Battle of Mind was born and the desire for people to know there is a way out of any difficulty they may be facing. "When things seem to be falling apart they are actually falling together"

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