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Using Progress To Build Confidence


Date : November 2, 2015Comments : 1

Like any mental health issue, anxiety is often a difficult one to deal with. It takes constant effort and commitment in order to begin to make progress. Once we make progress, however, we can’t afford to stop pushing ourselves. We need to keep practicing when it comes to facing our fears so that we can prove to ourselves that we are stronger than our obstacles.

The ability to make progress is an amazing thing and when we begin to see ourselves making it, we need to hold onto that feeling and remember how it happened. Simply making progress and then returning to a life of not challenging ourselves will not bring upon more success, but will only create setbacks. While setbacks can help us realize how much harder we have to work, it will be a much easier and smoother ride if we continue to never give up.

We need to take the progress we make and use it to build our confidence. We need to say to ourselves, “I did this and that means that I can continue to get through other difficult times.” Feeding ourselves positive thoughts does not mean that we can’t also understand that we may encounter some bumps in the road, but rather that we do have the ability to face our obstacles head on and get through them.

Progress is a great motivator. It has the ability to remind us of our strength and give us the motivation to keep showing ourselves just how strong we really are. Sometimes our anxiety and other mental health issues has a way of making us feel weak, when really we’re quite the opposite. Progress, however, has a way of bringing light into any situation and reminding us why we should never give up!

Author Name : BG

1 comments on “Using Progress To Build Confidence

  1. Enjoyed reading over your blog. Mental health has played a prominent role in the dynamics On both the maternal and paternal sides of my family (sorry about the caps, but for some reason they won’t go away!).

    If you get a chance, there is a post on my blog entitled ‘i’m Sorry, CinderELla no longer loves here’ you might find interesting.


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